Animal Rights Activists Are Vegans In Disguise

01Most people think of animal rights as taking good care of their family pet. Unfortunately, this feel good idea is the polar opposite of what the “animal rights” movement is all about. While they may ply you for donations using the “abuse of animals” to tug at your heart-strings, what they won’t tell you is that, in their distorted little minds, you are the “abuser” they are talking about.  And not just because you own a pet, but because you also eat meat.

These people care very little about the fate of animals they claim to speak for. They use this ruse to exact the same goals as the global warming environmentalist crowd – an end to the free market system, redistribution of wealth and power to control our daily lives.

Katharine Dokken, a former breeder of show dogs and service dogs, has spent several years documenting the terrorist tactics employed by the animal rights crowd and their enablers. Her first two books, Staring the Dragon in the Eye: The Hidden Victims of Animal Extremists, and The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, lays bare the brutal bastardization of civil asset forfeiture laws and reveals the ugly truth behind the movement. Her newest book, F’cker County: The Peyton Place of the Piedmont, exposes not only animal rights terrorists but the United Nations Agenda 21 in Fauquier, County, Virginia, that has allowed petty bureaucrats to use eco-Nazi intimidation to remove people from rural land. If you are confused as to how a U.N. agenda could be used to control Americans, her last book is a must read.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is one of the largest animal rights scams in America. If you love your pet, don’t send them money. According to their president Wayne Pacelle, they have “no problems with the extinction of domestic animals,” because they are the “creations of human selective breeding.”

HSUS is a vegan lobbyist group who does not own or operate a single animal shelter and who, according to HumaneWatch. Org, uses 50% of donations received to enrich themselves and cover their overhead. Only about 1% of donations actually reaches a pet shelters. The rest of the money goes to fund organizations such as PETA or the Animal Liberation Front, and to buy votes to push their anti-human agenda.  For example, a bill they pushed as an end to “puppy mills” in Missouri in 2010 actually made all farmers and dog breeders criminals for not providing air conditioning to their animals. In Michigan, they funded a regulation through the Department of Natural Resources that outlawed the “ownership of any pig that isn’t solid pink in color.”

As part of the moving goal post of their animal abolition goals, Fairfax County, VA just outlawed the use of a dog leash for more than one cumulative hour a day, making it a crime to walk your dog too much. Counties nationwide are outlawing the practice of leaving animals outside in cold weather, instantly making farmers into felons for using livestock guardian dogs. Some communities have “low pet limits” denying you the right to own the animals of your choice.

These extremists have bought their way into government across the board from the federal Department of Agriculture to local government agencies.  Don’t believe me? Were you aware that the Department of Agriculture spends taxpayer money to promote Meatless Mondays as part of their promotion of veganism to reward their animal rights masters?  Did you know these nuts are in your children’s schools and unfortunately, in your local church? They provide training in animal rights to the National Sheriffs Association, your local police department and animal control officers.

Another animal group to avoid is PETA which is known to have killed more than 33,514 dogs and cats between 1998 and 2014. Virginia state inspectors likened a PETA shelter to an euthanasia clinic.  PETA targets your children through comic books with titles like Your Mommy Kills Animals and employs teaching aids that involve themes that draw connections between slaves and livestock. They are probably best known for their ads like “Vegans Make Better Lovers” or “Jesus was a Vegetarian.” One ad I found particularly stupid was directed toward Ben and Jerry’s encouraging them to make ice cream from human milk instead of cows.

PETA seems to attract some of the weirdest humans on earth, people who have no objections to running naked through the streets or stripping and locking themselves in cages, or dressing as a giant vanilla condom, or soaking themselves in blood or protesting at dog shows and even outside of churches. Like HSUS, they also contribute money to the Animal Liberation Front who has committed numerous crimes such as arson, breaking and entering, sending out letter bombs and envelopes rigged with rat poisoned razor blades, to name only a few.

Animals are property, even though they are treated differently than other forms of property such as cars, toasters, and crops.   The right to own private property is the cornerstone of America. Our Founders viewed private property rights as existing above and beyond government. Today unfortunately, government tramples on this right through regulations, licenses, taxes, forfeiture, and stupid laws paid for by far-left activist organizations that forbid people the right to use their property as they see fit, within reason of course.

The more private property is protected, the freer the economic system and the more liberty is enjoyed by the citizenry. When government allows bullies to take what they want, anarchy reigns. If government gathers up property unto itself, oppression reigns. It doesn’t matter if it’s feudalism, fascism, communism, theocracy, socialism, or even crony capitalism. To one degree or another, liberty always loses.

If you love your country, stop supporting those organizations that use your money against you!  If you love your pet and want to help volunteer, adopt, or make a contribution  to your local humane society. 

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