Executive Regulation for Businesses

Businesses that employ more than 100 people just have another reporting burden to which they must attend.

Per the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the President is now requiring that all such companies report to the federal government what they pay their employees – and the data must be sorted by ethnicity, gender, and race. The data will then be analyzed to determine if illegal pay inequities are in place and then the agency will then target their attentions as a result.

The point is to aggressively narrow the (mostly mythologicalpay gap between men and women. 

Announcing the plan, the President said this:

“Women are not getting the fair shot that we believe every single American deserves.”

The administration also added that it anticipates that the burden on companies will not be significant, adding that they expect that the new requirements would add “only” $400 per employee. That each of these employees might prefer a $400 raise instead of being directed towards complying with new regulations was a point that was not addressed. source:

Does anyone really believe women are the reason Obama is doing this? This is another excuse for Obama to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong……..in other people’s businesses. Guess he’s looking to steal more money in the form of fines if one doesn’t comply or do things the way he dictates.

As far as a significant burden on employers; $400 per person? Who does he think he’s kidding. That’s a cost increase to the employer of $40,000 per 100 people. This will only result in more lay-offs and higher prices. Which is the true reason Obama is doing this besides being so jealous of someone who actually earns their profits and provides jobs, he would like nothing more than to take control over every business and run them in the ground the way he has our military, our economy and our constitution.

I can only say that my dad had a word for people such as Obama, and I definitely agree with my dad.


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