America’s Impotence Was Obama’s Choice

churchillIt is time for  American conservatives to face a few hard truths.

The Constitution is in tatters, our justice system has been co-opted, the economy is largely nationalized, private property is fast slipping from our hands, our currency is debauched, the debt is skyrocketing, our schools are indoctrination centers, our universities propaganda mills, the news media is absent, national security is compromised, our wars overseas are without end, the left has compromised our election system, our government is unrepentantly corrupt,  citizens are  spied upon, gun rights are threatened, the two-party system is broken, and free speech is being stifled by political correctness.

Since Obama has been in power he has  managed to run trillion-dollar deficits every year,  exploding the national debt, downgrading the country’s credit rating, and at one time, sought to remove the debt limit, permanently. The real unemployment figure, the U6 that includes part-time employees looking for full-time work, stood at 9.9% in March, the unemployment figure for the black community is twice that of the national average, women are losing their jobs in droves, and over half of young grads won’t find a job in their fields, partly because the Democrats are bringing in foreign workers to fill those jobs.  The Democrats have not passed a budget in years, and yet the American people find it more convenient to blame the GOP for their economic woes than the president and the party that had majority control of the government since 2006.

According to Michael Goodwin at the New York Post, the destruction is breathtaking. Obama traded away five murderous terrorists for a likely Army deserter, gave an open invitation to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross the Mexican border, and decided to recognize the terrorist group Hamas as part of the Palestinian government.  On the home front, environmental regulations will cost thousands of coal miners their jobs and drive up the cost of electricity for millions. The ObamaCare mess is hardly resolved, and the Veterans Affairs scandal keeps getting worse. The acting agency head reported the deaths of 18 more vets who were kept off the official waiting list in Phoenix.

Ticking quietly in the background is the mother of all threats — an Iranian nuclear bomb that the ayatollah mocks we “cannot do a damn thing” about.   Technically, he’s wrong. It’s not that we cannot stop the mad mullahs’ march. It’s that President Obama has taken the military option off the table, and without it, Iran has nothing to fear. Our impotence was a choice.

After giving amnesty to illegal aliens, Obama invited thousands of unvetted, potential terrorist into the country unilaterally compromising natural security.  In addition, Obama and Hillary  hung diplomats and security personnel out to dry in Benghazi before Obama jetted off to a fundraising event in Las Vegas.  Both were responsible for arming al-Qaeda-connected Libyan rebels who are running weapons to al-Qaeda-connected Syrian rebels.  Both  refused for weeks to call the 9/11 anniversary raids on our embassies and missions “terrorist attacks,” instead blaming a pathetic YouTube video. Then  Obama went so far as announcing at the UN that the “future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet Muhammad,” meaning Christians, Jews, or any sensible person that disagrees with his policy of destruction.

Not only has the Patriot Act been renewed, it has been extended to include even more spying and data collection on American citizens, while the real terrorists are given a free rein.  Obama took upon himself the power to detain or kill suspected terrorists, American citizens included, without due process.  Operation “Fast and Furious” was used by the Justice Department to give weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, killing hundreds in the process, with the intent of making a stronger case for gun confiscation in the U.S.

The U.S. military has been systematically destroyed by opening the ranks to homosexuals, cross-dressers and the gender naïve.  Even women are now allowed into combat areas normally reserved for the very elite.  Christianity has been “eased” out of the ranks while paganism is celebrated.  American veterans have been denied medical services and had their 2nd Amendment rights stripped without due process.

Our constitutional system of checks and balances has been gutted as Democrats act as an amen chorus for the executive branch and until Democrats and RINOs  begin to put duty to country over loyalty to Obama, America as we know it is headed to a point of no return.

Add to the combustible mix the expansionist moods in Russia and China, and the series of events recalls an observation by the late economist Herb Stein. Speaking in another context, he said that, “If something can’t go on forever, it won’t.” That sums up the current sense of the nation as a whole.

How did we arrive to the precipice of national ruin, and what is the ultimate solution to the challenges that confront those who prize liberty? No one has all the answers, but we must work together to find them and to communicate them to others. No matter how hard or frustrating or risky to our careers or our reputations, we have to fight back. We cannot give up on this country, on our children, or on our fellow Americans.

If a general one hundred years ago was faced with the task of destroying the United States, the crown jewel of the Enlightenment and the nemesis of tyranny and oppression around the world, he could literally do no better (or worse) than the progressive Fabian socialist has done incrementally from within. Again, the damage to the country has been wrought by design, as can be clearly and unmistakably gleaned from the leftist tracts of a Marx or an Alinsky.

It is now beyond the point of arguing with indoctrinated neomarxists, who are mentally unequipped to fathom the conservative’s warning that the country is headed toward ruin and not toward millenarian rapture and on into some socialist paradise, where no one works and blessings pour down upon the masses like manna from government heaven. Their consciences are carefully conditioned to react to all rational judgment as necessarily discriminatory or unjust.

The progressive’s views revolve around empathy and compassion, which are resistant to any rational arguments, which require a recognition of reality. The insertion of facts, evidence, and history into an argument with a leftist is like throwing a stone into a raging river; it will only appear from the perspective of the leftist as a barrier to progress, and in any event the fluidity of his mind will find a way to circumvent it.

Conservative must face the fact that we have  become the radical, the same kind of radical as our founding fathers were. The left has proceeded from the assumption of “the ends justify the means,” and has approached the coercive apparatus of government with an instrumental rationality in order to effect its utopian vision.

The legal system is a tool to the left; the education system is a tool to the left; the media is a tool to the left; and so forth; all institutions are seen as potential power for them to be seized for the cause. Conservatives believe in honoring institutions and thus refrain from utilizing their potential power to accomplish the vision of liberty, freedom, and individual rights.  This must change. We must see institutions in this country as more than sacred traditions to be preserved. We must see institutions as a means to power, with the battle cry of going on the offensive in the name of liberty. All manifestations of injustice and unfreedom must be attacked and swept away.

Now is time for leftists to be exposed as the selfish, greedy, and envious looters and parasites upon the system that they are. They must be cast down as the ultimate of hypocrites, infiltrators who tells beautiful lies and who manipulate the institutions of society in order to achieve their megalomaniacal dreams of controlling every aspect of human life.

In 2016, we conservatives and libertarians must found, support, and co-opt institutions to propagate the values of liberty and freedom in our culture. We must go on the offensive and attack the left intellectually. We must no longer tolerate the left’s misuse of freedom to institute unfreedom. We must be relentless and we must be bold and speak loudly and clearly — enough!

Our founding fathers, the nation’s first radicals, would do no less.   And friends, the harder it gets, the harder we must fight. No regrets.

You can read Kyle Becker’s article Why We Should Not Give Up at this link.




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