If There Is No God

eye“In a world without God, who’s to say whose values are right and whose are wrong? There can be no objective right and wrong, only our culturally and personally relative, subjective judgments. Think of what that means!  It means it’s impossible to condemn war, oppression, or crime as evil. Nor can you praise generosity, self-sacrifice, and love as good. To kill someone or to love someone is morally equivalent. For in a universe without God, good and evil do not exist—there is only the bare, valueless fact of existence, and there is no one to say you are right and I am wrong.”  William L. Craig

Valerie Tarico, a self-avowed lesbian,  atheist and pro-abortionist on the Board of Advocates at Planned Parenthood, America’s one-stop-death-shop,  penned an article laying out ten reasons why she believes that  Christianity, or Duck Dynasty bigotry as she refers to it, is going to fall.  In a tedious, though unintentionally funny screed  Ms. Tarico gives empty hope to her fellow hopeless with a word salad steeped in anti-Christian bigotry and wishful thinking.

Tarico rattles off a litany of tired pagan claims repeated often since God created man:  There is no God, “Queer sexuality” is winning, “Biblical sexuality” is losing, yada, yada, yada and so forth.  “From Hollywood celebs. . .to high school students, skeptics are opening up,” she caws,. . . Today’s young women and men are making the Bible writers look as if they were members of a tribal, Iron Age culture. . . imagine if, on top of everything else, all women got. . . the power to end ill-conceived childbearing.”

After reading Tarco’s  tirade, ‘A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste’ immediately sprang to thought.  For God-deniers a pitiable paradox occurs.  While they think they’ve achieved intellectual enlightenment and freedom, they have, instead, been played for the fool. They have become slaves to the flesh, and playthings to the enemy.

Atheist tend to exalt reason and put stock in their own conclusion that there is no God.  In an article I found  “Absurdity of Atheism,” the author wrote that in order to prove the “assertion NO God Exists experimentally, one would need to comprehensively know all of reality.  Comprehensive knowledge of reality is called omniscience and one would need to be omniscient in order to prove there is no God, but if one were omniscient one would, by definition, already be a god.  So, based on empirical methodology, the only one capable of disproving the existence of God would be God himself!    One cannot prove logic exists unless one first presupposes a God in whom reason and meaning are transcendentally rooted, otherwise, these categories are mere philosophical prejudices.  Atheism is inherently self-contradictory.  The evidence for the existence of God is there for all to see, only we refuse to see it.  Apart from God there is no basis for truth or ethics.”

In the atheistic view, there’s nothing special about human beings. We’re  just accidental by-products of nature that have evolved relatively recently on an infinitesimal speck of dust called the planet Earth, lost somewhere in a hostile and mindless universe,  doomed to perish individually and collectively in a relatively short time.

William Lane Craig in ‘On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision’ writes  that  if God does not exist, then both man and the universe are inevitably doomed to death. Man, like all biological organisms, must die. With no hope of immortality, man’s life leads only to the grave.  His life is but a spark in the infinite blackness, a spark that appears, flickers, and dies forever.  Life without God  means that life itself becomes absurd. It means that the life we do have is without ultimate significance, value, or purpose. If there is no God, then there is no objective standard of right and wrong.  Moral values are either just expressions of personal taste or the byproducts of biological evolution and social conditioning.

If there is no God  the gravity of the alternatives lie before us. For if God exists, then there is hope for man. But if God does not exist, then all we are left with is despair. As one writer has aptly put it, “If God is dead, then man is dead too.”

Source:  Matt Barber, Life News 

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