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The Bible contains the history of many interesting men and women – some because of their heroism and great faith, others because of their evil nature. Either way, their behavior tells us much about human traits and the spiritual battles that remain hidden from our eyes. Queen Jezebel, who lived in the 9th century BC, was one in a long line of evil femme fatales that are worthy of study.

Unfortunately, the spirit of Jezebel lives on today and can be seen in our houses of worship as well as our halls of government. There are even ministries devoted to delivering victims from the clutches of the spirit of Jezebel, who tends to attack and dominate the most intelligent, attractive, and charismatic among us. The Book of Revelation also mentions her when Jesus addresses the angel of the church of Thyatira and sums up the character and nature of her sins (Rev. 2:18-29). The Jezebel of Revelation had much in common with the spirit of Jezebel today and Queen Jezebel who was married to King Ahab (1 Kings 16 ff).

At the time Queen Jezebel came into power, the nation of Israel was weak due to a split into a northern and southern kingdom. She ushered in a time of idolatry that was made possible by the schism. Jezebel may not have had such an easy time of corrupting the nation if it had remained steadfast in its commitments to God. Instead, the nation desired to be more like the pagans that surrounded them – not unlike America today that is being torn apart by race baiters, atheists, and those that irrationally covet the decaying European way of life or the tyranny of Communism. It is notable that this evil Queen was empowered by a marriage alliance and quickly became the real “man” in charge. In addition to being a women’s libber who emasculated her husband, she was a cold-blooded killer who massacred the prophets and those that stood in her way. She was ambitious, intelligent and cunning, judgmental, critical, ruthless, condescending and demeaning, an accomplished liar, and ethically challenged. Sound like anyone in the news today?

Jezebel intimidated the prophet Elijah to the point where after a great victory over her, he fled in fear for his life. She gained control over the masses by filling her shrines with prostitute priestesses and fanning the flames of sexual addictions. While a record of her own sexcapades are not available, she certainly knew how to turn others into addicts. Is anyone thinking of Bill Clinton right now, or is it just me?

Since the Bible mostly refers to Jezebel’s idolatry as Baal worship, it is easy to pass over the fact that her god of preference was Ashtoreth, who was represented in the Canaanite and Phoenician culture by the moon and was associated with the worship of the ancient Levant. Again, there is interesting symbolism here. First, the area referred to as the “Levant” represents the “L” our current Commander in Chief recognizes when he says “ISIL” instead of “ISIS”. In this matter, it is also worthy to note that the Levant includes the Arab takeover of the land of Israel. Next, it should be noted that the symbol used in Ashtoreth worship was the moon. Jezebel, ISIL, and the symbolism of the moon – coincidence or something to ponder? Given the state of America, the alliances made with Islamic nations, the seduction of our youth, the emasculation of our men, the divisive forces evident in our country, and the intimidation against all things of God, perhaps it’s time to identify and then properly defend against the forces working against our Judeo/Christian nation.

The admonition in Revelation to the Church of Thyatira tells us more about the significant characteristics of its Jezebel that correlates to Ahab’s Jezebel. Rev. 2:20 states, “But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads my bondservants astray, so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.”

Since the message to the seven churches of Revelation are interpreted to have meaning for the times we are living in today, we should be studying these characteristics and noting where they apply in our lives and in our culture. In the days of either the Old Testament or the New Testament Jezebel, this evil woman corrupted the church, taught and seduced using immorality and idolatry, and sought to separate God’s people from Him through these practices. Today we don’t need a personification of this evil woman, instead we have schools that teach her doctrines and entertainment entities that both emasculate and eroticize our men. Long gone are the days of “Father Knows Best.” Instead we have “Two and a Half Men” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.” These shows may be funny, but they paint men unfavorably and set very low standards for the heads of our households.

For those of us who may truthfully and honestly be considering ourselves to be God’s remnant, as were the 7000 in Elijah’s day and those who have not succumbed to the doctrines of Jezebel today, tolerance of evil is not a commendable trait. Tolerance in some forms is an enabler of evil. We must persevere and we must overcome (Rev. 2:24-28). For some it will be difficult, for others impossible without the help of Almighty God, and still others will retreat into their cocoons as did those trying to survive the reign of the evil Queen. But for the wise, the challenge is never to let Jezebel teach your children, corrupt your morals, or take her desired throne – either nationally or in your life personally. Interpret that how you will. For me the interpretation is clear. No Jezebel will receive a vote of from me – either in my personal life or at the polls this coming November.

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