2015 Escalation of Events – Signs

By: Brandon T. Ward

2015 the year fear, hype and deception went into overdrive. But lo and behold, we made it to 2016. We made it through the “Tetred”, an event many claimed was a “clear sign from God” the end was about to transpire, instead of seeing it as another sign of the times. We made it through the so called “Shitmah, something Christians should not have been concerned about to begin with. We made it through the Greece economic crisis as they accepted yet another bailout. We made it through supposed stock market disaster scenarios in September. We made it through Jade Helm without being rounded up into a concentration camp. We made it through the Ebola scare, something we pointed out was fear and hype from the start.

I want to ensure God’s children do not become desensitized and lose their faith with all of the negative news and date setting by some. We all need to remain steadfast and increase our faith in the Lord as the events of our world will only become worse and challenge our faith as the days wear on. The point here is we need to relax and take a deep breath… I want you to see how fear, hype and deception can get us all worked up, if we allow it. This is why analyzing the news is a very serious task. We should ensure we are looking at these topics with a level head and always use the wisdom and understanding provided by our Father for our interpretation of them.

Before we start this article I want us to open our Bible to gain some perspective and keep this verse at the front of our mind during this read.

Psalm 37:7
7 “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.”

As I thought about writing this article I decided to comb over every post we made during 2015 just as I had done for the article we posted last year at this time. What I found confirmed what I have personally felt, the escalation of events this year have far outweighed anything we have seen in prior years, especially the last 4-6 months of 2015. It is absolutely amazing to see the course we are on, the birth pains are increasing daily.

At this point I would like to recap what happened during 2015 so we can gain some perspective of where we are and where we are headed.

We started off 2015 with the doomsday clock moving just three minutes to midnight (approx. 22 minutes into video). We saw the impossible, a supposed peace deal between Iran and six world powers, yet the United States has stated despite the peace deal they may have to bomb Iran anyway. obama has made it very clear, the U.S. will use military force if Iran breaks the peace treaty. This comes as no surprise to us, God’s Word states there will be no peace until the true Messiah returns (1 Thessalonians 5:3). I truly believe the leadership in Iran will be removed from power and the Brookings Report not only states this, but documents that is exactly what is taking place right now. It is their playbook.

Locally, the most disturbing event for the Christian was the Supreme Court ruling in favor of homosexual marriage. Of course the Supreme Court does not make laws, but that has not stopped this decision from being interpreted as one. Meanwhile, the Pentagon lifted a ban on transgender troops while urging chaplains to be removed from service if they oppose homosexual marriage.  US President barrack obama stated, ‘Americans need to shift their religious views to accept homosexual marriage’. Let me clue obama in on something. Jesus Christ is the same today and forever and our Father has said homosexual acts are an abomination to Him (Hebrews 13:8, Leviticus 20:13).

Unfortunately, it is not only the United States that is embracing homosexual marriage, but the entire world. It is these events in part that are helping us to identify where we are on our Father’s timeline (2 Peter 2:6). From all angles we see sin welcomed with open arms with claims that homosexuality is an inherit trait even though studies document there is no gay gene and perversion is being placed before us front and center.

So what is the world’s sense of morality and correctness at this hour?

We have kindergarten teachers educating our children about homosexuality. We have the Girl Scouts who now allow boys who “identify” as girls to join the scouts. While the Boy Scouts now allow homosexual scout leaders. We have drug and other companies now featuring homosexuals in their commercials or focusing on their “rights. In California men who “identify” as woman are allowed to be sent to female prisons. To make matters worse the media is now promoting pedophile rights. With homosexuality now openly accepted, pedophile rights would naturally be the next step for perversion to triumph.

So what have our churches and “religious leaders” done during this time of perversion? Christian churches continue to pervert the flock with the idea of a chosen group of people they should follow and support despite the fact their god is not our God. Despite the fact it is their nation that is partly to blame for the reduction of Christians in the Middle East. A nation whose leader blesses” the LBGT community.

We have the pope, a world religious leader with more than a billion followers who blesses homosexualityblasphemies Christ, allows” priests to forgive abortion and tells atheists they do not need Christ to obtain salvation.  While the Vatican said jews do not need Christ to be saved bypassing Christ’s own words in John 14:6. If that were not enough a Vatican appointee said, gay sex can express Christ’s ‘self gift’. Meanwhile, Methodists, Episcopalians and Presbyterians all allow and recognize homosexual marriage while other churches host drag queen festivals.

Instead of standing with God, we have churches standing for Satan. We have churches who tell us to follow the government instead of Christ. We have new Bible versions that are removing the words “Father” and “Son of God” because someone might become offended. No wonder Americans confidence in religion has hit new lows. Instead of religious leaders leaning on God they lean on men and their own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6). They declare “partnerships” between multiple religions. They believe they can mend the world’s wounds and illnesses and that life will continue on fulfilling the words of 2 Peter 3:3-4.

We live in a world where vaccines are forced on us at every angle, yet vaccines kill more people than sharks, alligators, bears, snakes and spiders combined. The polio vaccine is now the number one cause of polio paralysis. The CDC has admitted 98 million Americans received the polio vaccine when it was contaminated with a cancer virus. California passed the toughest mandatory vaccination laws in the nation this year and is seeking to become the first state to force vaccinations on adults. How about that for freedom.

There is absolutely no care or concern for our Father our food or our common man. It has been reported 93% of food additives have not been properly studied by the FDA. 61% of American grocery purchases consist of highly processed foods. The EPA has admitted to spilling millions of gallons of toxic waste into a river. The capital of California knew they put a carcinogen into the drinking water yet failed to alert the public to the danger.  Par for the course California passed the nations first “right to die” law, essentially legalizing murder. While the UK has slapped our Father in the face by becoming the first nation to approve the creation of ‘three parent babies‘.

As we outlined earlier, Americans confidence in religion has hit new lows and I believe this is part of the reason 33 million adults have major drinking problems. I believe this lack of confidence in religion is also partly the reason we have a record number of Americans on prescription drugs. Instead of seeking God we seek the bottle and pills to solve our problems. We care so little for one another babies are being harvested for their organs while they are still alive.

We see world trade deals (TPP) taking shape which has given world leaders enormous power, more specifically a combined power which is uniting the world. We have nations outlawing cash while banks and media outlets are calling for its abolishment. Does any of this benefit you? Of course not. With TPP we will see more outsourcing of good jobs to foreign lands where cheaper wages will be paid.

When our currency becomes completely virtual we will be at the mercy of the international bankers. If they lower interest rates at that time to negative numbers we will lose money in our accounts with the only recourse being to spend our money. As a matter of fact HSBC has started to charge some clients for holding their deposits. Speaking of international bankers, the IMF has announced China’s Yuan will now be included in a basket of currencies that make up the SDR which is a world currency. It is these types of events in part that are setting the stage for the Mark of the Beast. When Satan is in power he will utilize these systems, if you are not a part of the system you will not be able to buy or sell so ensure you prepare your family now for those days ahead.

This now leads us to the global economy. The system has not fixed itself, nothing has been repaired. The system is more fractured today than in 2008, more fractured than the days of the Great Depression and those words will be validated as we move forward. To date 27 major global stock markets have crashed by double digits. Goldman Sachs was kind enough to tell us Brazil has plunged into a depression. While Junk bonds are performing at their worst level since 2008.

A mainstream news publication, The Telegraph had a headline that read, “Doomsday clock for global market crash strikes one minute to midnight as central banks lose control“. While the debt to GDP ratio for the entire world is 286%! Unfortunately, it gets much worse. The CEO of the world’s largest shipping company said, “global growth is worse than official reports“. He would know since his business ships the world’s supplies. HSBC has warned, ‘the world’s economic system faces a titanic problem’. The IMF warned emerging markets face a mass default while admitting to intentionally transforming the world economy. The most powerful yet most unknown bank in the world, the Bank for International Settlements among other institutions has said, ‘the world is defenseless against the next financial crisis‘.

When the organizations that control our world tell you there will be another global financial crisis, but the world is defenseless against it, you should really heed that warning.

These problems are also affecting America. In the U.S. 65% of children are dependent on the government. The number of full time jobs as a percentage of the population is at the lowest level ever recorded. 51% of American workers make less than $30,000 a year. Out of an American population of 320 million men, woman and children we have 102.6 million working age men and woman out of the workforce. All of this has caused home ownership in the U.S. to fall to a 50 year low.

If we look at our governments we have sheriffs who compare those who stand by the Constitution to ISIS. We have the DHS whose answer to terrorism is to spy on your neighbor and report them. We have US President barrack obama that declared war on extremism and if you are reading this article you are most likely considered one of them.

The mainstream media has called for a militarized police force, something obama sought during his run for the Presidency. Speaking of the press, the U.S. has now dropped to the 49th rank in press freedom.  You would expect the land of the free and home of the brave to be number one, after all our young men and woman are dying overseas for our supposed freedom.

With the passing of yet another executive order obama and future presidents will have complete control of the internet during a ‘National Cyber Security Emergency’. Of course obama and future presidents were given “emergency powers” of nearly everything during a “major national crisis as well. So what exactly is a “national crisis“? Anything they deem and your rights will be removed during that time according to these so-called “laws“. Speaking of “laws“, CISA, the replacement for the Patriot Act just passed in a hidden budget bill, how is that for transparency?

The Department of Homeland Security purchased another 62 million rounds of ammo. Bill Clinton says, ‘we cannot have people walking around with guns’. Karl Rove says, ‘the only way to stop violence is to repeal the second amendment’. The Huffington Post called for an outright ban on firearms while the White House finalizes “executive action” on firearms.

During the latest terrorist attack this time in the US by ISIS (of course) the first thing out of your president’s mouth was to take away your firearms. Notice, the answer is never to grant you more freedom which enables you to protect you and your family. Instead, the only solution is to remove your freedoms.

These types of events are not exclusive to the US, but other nations as well. The UK has admitted to deliberately exposing soldiers to the plague in their subway.

Meanwhile our environment continues to be destroyed and the Vatican thinks there are 6 billion too many of us echoing the Georgia Guidestones and other globalists. While the U.S. Air Force has admitted they control the weather and a U.S. Senate document reveals this as well.

All of these news headlines are disturbing to say the least, but no yearly wrap up article would be complete without discussing war. Is World War III imminent? Of course not, yet that has not stopped hyped fears of Russia and NATO preparing for war against one another, even though Putin himself said only a madman would strike NATO. Ask yourself, who is fighting right now? The international banker controlled nations of the world are fighting against “terrorist factions” and those nations that are not under international banker control. The controlled nations are not fighting against each other. The important thing to understand is nearly all sides are controlled by the children of Satan.

Right now we see the “war on terrorism” taking place in Syria which I feel is prophecy unfolding (Isaiah 17:1). A war on terrorism” that has seen a 4500% increase in terrorist caused deaths since its inception documenting its complete failure just like the “war on drugs“.

So which nations will have a terrorist problem next? The nations that are not a part of the global financial system and one of those would be Iran. Yes, there is a “peace” deal on the table, but there will be no true peace until Christ returns. As we pointed out in this article obama himself stated the US may still need to bomb Iran. If you doubt Iran is the next target on the globalists map then read this article where Bibi states Iran is the greatest threat to world peace. That paints it very plainly what their goal is. To bring peace to the world, but in order to do so certain measures must be taken.

This now brings us to the lie called ISIS. Are people dying? Absolutely. Is ISIS a true grassroots movement? Absolutely not.  We have documented over and over again on this site ISIS is a creation of western powers who are controlled by the children of Satan. ISIS is a mercenary force that has been created, funded and trained by these powers in order to bring about regime change to nations whose leaders fail to go along with the globalist agenda. The ultimate goal is a one world government that Satan will ultimately lead and we are seeing the world unite under the banner of fighting terrorism, “the common enemy of mankind“.

Are you aware obama himself ordered the CIA to train ISIS? Do you realize the US admitted to paying terrorists in Syria and they helped supply their Toyota pickups as well? Not to mention along with the latest passing of NDAA obama gave an additional $800 million to “moderate rebels” in Syria. Ask yourself, who is fighting Assad and the answer is everyone. There are no “moderate rebels“, the so-called “moderate rebels” are ISIS. The truth of the matter is ISIS has been created to serve as a proxy front for the children of Satan.

The destruction in Syria has also served to create an enormous refugee crisis and guess where the refugees are going? Not the Middle East where their people are, instead they are migrating to the European nations which are the Christian nations. This is by design in order to destroy what little is left of the Christian culture in those nations. So we see a war on terror that is serving multiple fronts caused by who? The children of Satan.

It is worth noting after a years worth of bombing missions the world’s greatest superpower cannot seem to destroy ISIS in Syria. As a matter of fact neither can Russia, France, Germany and other Euro nations. This itself should prove that ISIS is a lie, a cover that is being used to force regime change in Syria.

The best part is we are told Russia is the good guy in all of this, yet nearly three years ago they started funding one side of the war in Syria while the US funded the other. Now the two are working together to remove ISIS. Both of these nations have even set aside the goal of 18 months for Syria to have a new constitution and the U.S. is pushing for a new leader. This war will not end until Assad is removed from power and then on to Iran who is already making the news once again painted in the colors of the enemy though they deny the claims being brought against them. It should be clear to you by now there are no good guys.

Two months ago we had the Paris terrorist attacks which left the country under martial law and the downing of a Russian passenger plane and wouldn’t you know it, ISIS did both. Within two days France and Russia both bombed Syria claiming ISIS was the target. The truth of the matter is the terrorists and the nations supposedly fighting terrorism are on the same side. They are all international banker controlled proxies who are being used to remove the last few nations who are not on board with the new world order agenda.

Looking forward, expect the war in Syria to continue until Assad is removed from power and note the destruction taking place in Syria. Everyone is dropping bombs on Syria using ISIS as the reason to do so.

It has been reported ISIS only has 34 bases left, yet the war against ISIS continues. Think to yourself, if they know how many bases are left they know where they are so why do those bases still exist? What should be painfully evident to you by now is ISIS is a lie, a creation of global powers to unite the world against one common enemy. That enemy in word is “terrorism“, but in fact, it is those nations who fail to join the globalized world.

Right now we are witnessing calls from world leaders for a united world to a degree we have never experienced throughout recorded history. All in the name of fighting terrorism, climate change and economic disaster. In Paris just weeks ago 195 nations, essentially every nation on the face of the earth agreed to a supposed legally binding climate change law that is being hailed as a “major leap for mankind.

China’s President Jinping said terrorism is the common enemy of humanity. India’s Modi called for a united global effort to fight terrorism. Russia’s President Medvedev urged powers to unite after the Russian plane attack. If that were not enough all 15 members of the U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted Frances resolution which calls for the uniting of powers to fight terrorism. Now we learn the U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution to target ISIS finances.

Anytime the nations of the world work to combine their efforts and resources that in itself documents a bold step toward the creation of a one world government system.

Turning our focus on Russia for a moment it is important to understand Putin acknowledges the G20 is a part of the group funding ISIS and he understands perfectly well who created ISIS. But that is not stopping Putin from coordinating attacks on Syria with the West. Nor is it stopping him from sending 150,000 soldiers to Syria in order to “wipe out ISIS. Like any good script the U.S. and Germany are going to send troops as well. The best part of all of this is Putin stated, ‘he hopes nukes will not be needed to stop ISIS’. For someone who knows who created and funds ISIS why would nuclear weapons be needed? If nuclear weapons do fall on Syria it will be the government in power and the citizens that are harmed, not ISIS.

The deception of our time is very great and we are constantly placed under the fear or terrorism, yet terrorism has killed just 45 people in the United States since 2001 and that is assuming none of these terrorists attacks were false flags.

Why are all of these events transpiring you may ask? The goal is a one world governmental system and this is absolutely Biblical.

What else have we seen? In September the United Nations launched a blue print for the world to unite. Canada and the United States discussed fully integrating their militaries while Bill Gates joined the long list of globalists who believe life would be better with world government. In the months ahead more people will be coming forward and jumping on this bandwagon. Look at the destruction of the United States of America where only 9% of the population believes Congress is doing a good job. The citizens of this once blessed nation now feel their nation has lost its legitimacy.

This is the goal of the children of Satan; to have the people of the world reject the governments of their own nations. Then when the world’s economic system collapses and the people of every nation on the face of the earth are frantic with fear as they see in their personal futures nothing but war, ruin, death and no way out, a new world order will emerge, one with great promises of safety and security which the people of the world will gladly embrace in order to save their way of life. I want to make it very clear, I am not saying an economic crisis will cause this itself, however it is sure to happen and will be one more nail in the coffin of the nation state.

Without a doubt we have seen a dramatic escalation in events this year over last and these labor pains will continue until we have the birth of a new age.

What we have covered in this article sounds like a bad movie and while we can turn off our TV’s and PC’s our world still consists of all of these things, this is now our normal life.

In this world you have seen the results of Satan’s reign, death, destruction, horror and misery. Your Father in Heaven offers a much brighter future, a future that consists of Eternal life where we can reign with Him if we walk that path. That choice is yours…

In closing I ask that you turn your Bible with me to,

Isaiah 40:31
31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

Wait and be patient on the Lord. Set aside the date setting for the end of this age. Set aside all of those things, the things that set us up for a loss of faith…

Romans 13:11-12
11 “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.”

12 “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.”

Father, we ask that you lift up our Brother’s and Sister’s around the world. Help to build our patience, faith, hope, trust and confidence in your Word. As the days grow darker, help us to become brighter that others may see your Light through us. We ask these things in Jesus Name Amen.

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