God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

“Time is rapidly running out but perhaps that is not so bad.  Although America’s neck is in a noose, perhaps the threat of martial law will finally stimulate enough of her remaining good people to take action.”  Dr. Ewin Vieira

Has America reached a point of no return? Have we plunged so far off the deep end of Spengler’s Der Untegang des Abendlandes that nothing can be done to salvage the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or any semblance of a free state? Have we resigned ourselves to the belief that nothing can be done to stop martial law from being imposed upon us?

In his new book, By Tyranny Out of Necessity: The Bastardy of Martial Law, Dr. Ewin Vieira pitches the virtue of the Militia, as the definite preventive of and answer to martial law or any other manifestation of usurpation or tyranny. No threat of martial law would exist if Americans were properly organized in “the Militia of the several States.”

Even the half-witted rogues in the Disgrace of Columbia would think long and hard about the inadvisability of attempting to invoke martial law if “We The People” realized our own constitutional authority in the Militia and refused to recognize the legitimacy of any form of law that needed martial enforcement.

It would require proper Militia statutes enacted in all states but unfortunately there is no significant movement in favor of revitalizing the Militia in any State. Why? Because the Powers-that-Be, their clients, stooges, hangers-on, the wealthy elite, have a very high stake in preventing such law. There are also those among us, the doomsayers who contend that it is useless to promote the revitalization of the Militia for any other constitutional reform because all is already irretrievably lost. Perhaps surprisingly, in the front ranks of these doomsayers are lay preachers who claim that America is “under judgment” and will soon be destroyed by the hand of God.

Apparently their voices have not reminded them that God still helps those who help themselves. Neither have their voices recommended to them the alternative explanation of contemporary events; that Americans have not yet failed Heaven’s test, but are being tested right now, that all the cultural bolshevism, pessimism, decadence, perversion, depravity, criminality, corruption, usurpation, and even tyranny is being allowed to afflict her so that We The People can finally find the courage to reassert the principles of a free state under the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, or that judgment will befall them only if they fail, neglect, or refuse to pass the test.

There are also among us the appeasers, those self-styled patriots, the abject appeasers of and collaborators with the Powers That Be.   This manifests itself most strikingly and sickeningly in the childish fear of the Militia. How can anyone who claims support for the Second Amendment distance themselves from the Constitution that declares the Militia to be “necessary to the security of a free state.”  If the appears are ashamed of and unwilling to support their own Constitution with respect to what it declares in no uncertain terms to be “necessary” they would do truly patriotic Americans a favor and emigrate to North Korea where even lip-service is not paid to the principles and practices of a free state.

We are also forced to deal with the intellectual elite that contends that next to nothing can be done to dam the political, economic, social, and cultural sewage pouring out of the Disgrace of Columbia, because the average American is nothing more than bovine morons whom leaders cannot educate or motivate to do the right thing so it is therefore hopeless for the “sheeple” to understand the need to revitalize the Militia. If the sheeple are so stupid, are the shepherds any smarter? How many among the self-obsessed intellectual elite really understand the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution? How many are truly willing to do what is required to guarantee the survival of a free state?

Only a poor workman blames his tools. By hypothesis, average people need leaders because they are incapable of leading themselves. True leaders qualify as such because they are extraordinary individuals who demonstrate the capacity to show average people the right way to go. The primary responsibility of leaders among the intellectual elite is always to devise a means to educate the people, not to complain about how uneducable they are.

The Constitution sets out certain fixed principles of permanent value for the people’s control of the government at every level of the federal system. The most important of these is that “a well regulated Militia is necessary for the security of a free state.”

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