Let Them Eat Cake!

libertyAmerica’s decline has been and still is an orchestrated event, perpetrated at the highest levels of government and social leadership. Our rich heritage and history has been a thorn in the side of the left for many years, an impediment to their domination and control. In order to control, they realized early on that they must use baby-steps to destroy America from within, to break it down, and make it dysfunctional so that by the time they had total control, few would notice and those that did, those that spoke out could easily be demonized and made irrelevant. In order to gain control, the left has assaulted our founding philosophy based on the rights of the people, with a multi-pronged, decades-long attack.

Our elected officials have forsaken the concept of statesmanship, the idea that they are elected to serve the people, by creating a dynasty where only they, their families, donors, and friends benefit. No longer caring what their constituents expect from them or want, they have expanded their own wealth and power, not caring who they had to get in bed with to do it. The informed citizen is now public enemy number 1, the only threat to their pursuit of tyranny.

Our entire concept of representative government has been perverted as non-elected bureaucrats write their own laws and dictate policy, while Obama uses executive orders to circumvent the constitutional law-making duties of our elected representatives, most of whom no longer even pretend to represent us.

The downfall of America required a robotic populace that could be easily dominated, that would never be a threat to the powers-that-be.  The less informed, the less educated, the safer the ruling elite would feel.   America’s government run education system not only de-educates our children but brainwashes them against their own heritage and culture. Every traditional value that made America great is demonized as the left rewrites history to suit their agenda, teaching our children to hate – not only themselves but their country.  Ask a young person and you will learn just how evil America has always been and how evil our founding fathers were. Better yet, ask a young student about our Constitution, about our rights and freedoms. In most schools these things are never taught. No society can survive this kind of ignorance and self-hatred.

The lapdog media relentlessly demonize conservatives and traditional values, while protecting the left at all cost. Their brand of selective reporting brainwashes an already uninformed society, many of whom have no clue about left wing political corruption, like the IRS, the EPA, the Veterans Administration, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc.   The average citizen can tell you anything you never really wanted to know about a celebrity or sports personality but nothing about domestic or world events. The only thing they can recite are stupid remarks from a self-styled celebrity or left-wing media hype  who likes to hear themselves talk.  The left loves it! The less informed you are, the easier to manipulate and control. The left is even happy to legalize marijuana so that you can dull your brain even more, making their efforts to enslave you much easier.

Hollywood jumped into the game, skewing story lines to favor the left’s agenda.  Uninformed people tend to believe what they see on film or on television sitcoms and since what they usually see is liberal, they tend to see the world that way. Hollywood increasingly demonizes Capitalism, the same capitalism that made them rich, civilian gun ownership, traditional values, and Christianity while going out of their way to promote liberalism, Islam, the homosexual agenda, and government dependence.

Liberal judges actively rule against traditional norms based not on law or our Constitution, but on their liberal beliefs.  When it comes to government vs. the peasants, they always side with the government even if it means subverting the Constitution. Ideas that have always been considered “right” are now “wrong,” and those traditionally seen as “wrong” are now “right.” These liberal judges have the arrogance to think that ideas that have been main-stream for 3,000 years of organized civilization are now considered intolerant or non-inclusive. Ever wonder why it takes the Supreme Court so long to “interpret” the Constitution? They are not trying to interpret it, they are trying to come up with a reason to circumvent it.

The left  pushes tolerance of Islam even though Muslims are at war with every country they immigrate to. They have  destroyed or attempted to destroy every civilization they have ever come in contact with during 1400 years of nonstop jihad. They do not look at themselves as peaceful, but as warriors, and the better the warrior, the better the rewards in their heaven. While there are good people in the Islamic faith, they are the minority and have no voice.  Islam is more than a religion – it is a whole encompassing totalitarian political structure. So ask yourself why our government would embrace it. It is not because they want Islam to rule America, they want Islam to help them destroy America.

The latest assault on our liberties has to do with changing America’s population base through open borders and amnesty; usurping American’s traditional culture with that of people that do not value our ideals, people who have never known our freedoms, those more compliant with tyranny. The left is openly advocating for giving illegal aliens the right to vote because they know the vast majority will vote for the party who promises them the most freebies, accelerating their goal of fundamentally transforming America into a socialist nation.

The millions of illegals pouring across our unprotected borders are financially and culturally unsustainable. But that is exactly what the left wants. They are willing to bankrupt America in order to give themselves a more compliant population base; one that will tolerate a soft tyranny, as long as the left throws in some “free” medical care and a couple of checks a month.

Liberty is not a common practice around the world. It is and always has been the rarest commodity on earth and with our cultural downslide may soon become extinct. If America as we know it perishes, humanity will enter a new dark age from which it will never recover.

Source: Save America Foundation, The Orchestrated Destruction of America by PL Rapp, Ph.D

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