Hidden Meanings – Deceptive Euphemisms

By  – Daily Rant 

The leaders within the leftist cult have artfully created their own type of jargon to disguise the evil intentions they pursue. One of the first examples of this phenomena was using the word “fetus” to replace the word “baby” for the child living in its mother’s womb. This word aided the dehumanization of the unseen child and proved to be a valuable tool for abortion proponents seeking to slay the innocent on the altar of convenience and self-centeredness. It allowed society to think about children in laboratory terms which somehow made them seem less-than human.

This tactic of using deceptive euphemisms permeate the modern world. However, euphemisms like “fetus” and “change” have literally changed the course of history, with the word “sustainability” close behind. Perhaps no one used the tool of euphemism more cleverly than Barack Obama. He managed to convince the majority of voters in an entire nation that this nebulous word meant exactly what anyone wanted it to mean. And the “transformation” that subsequently accompanied it was birthed in the same strategic camp that aided him in his clandestine plans to destroy America from the inside out. It is reasonable to say that the man now occupying the White House would be living somewhere else if he told the American people what he truly meant by “change.” Given the deceptive nature of euphemisms, it can be argued that the phenomena originated with Lucifer, the chief of all deceivers and liars – traits that are emulated among his disciples.

At the risk of offending my Catholic friends, I am compelled to list Pope Francis among those cleverly using euphemism to trick trusting believers into accepting the unacceptable. It is my hope that they will be able to keep an open mind and separate their faith in Christ from the dogmas of their belief system. The Pope’s nice-sounding promotions of a one world religion may appear to be admirable to the less informed, but it reeks of totalitarian ideologies – akin to that of Adolph Hitler who ushered in a state religion in Nazi Germany – all in the name of peace. One religion where we can all meet and sing Kum ba yah around the campfire is as deceptive an idea as calling destruction “change” or a child a “fetus.” Those who count the cost will realize that state religions nullify liberty of conscience, which will always offend some – just as truth offends. State religions may tell you that you can believe whatever you like, just as long as whatever you like is uncontroversial and falls within the state’s defined parameters.

Of course, this type of deception is not the first Pope Francis has imposed upon those who believe in his sanctification. He also redefined sin. Defining sin is an option reserved only for a Holy God – and that doesn’t include any proclaimed “Vicar” who is merely meant to represent God and not to replace Him. And now, in 2016, this same Pope has added another euphemism to his powerful vocabulary. It is a euphemism that is nothing less than astonishing when we realize that he is not the only one using it. The word is “together” – more specifically – Together 2016. He portrays this concept in admirable terms: one where bridges are built instead of walls, one where peace replaces the strife of diversity. And yes, taken beyond its facade, the realization of the final definition of “together” would result in a borderless world – or a New World Order accompanied by a one world religion. Such things have been prophesized. In addition to preaching this philosophy at his multi-religious service at the 9/11 Memorial, he also touted it at the United Nations General Assembly. The peace that he is promoting as reconciliation and unity over hatred and war may sound good, but it hides a multitude of sins. For worldwide peace is an illusion that would come at the cost of freedom of thought and just about everything else one can imagine. Patrick Henry said it best: “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!” Henry was right. Worldwide peace is attainable, but only at the cost of chains and slavery – of the mind, spirit, and body. 1 Thessalonians 5:3 states: ” For when they say, ‘Peace and safety!’ then sudden destruction comes upon them…”

Then comes Hillary Clinton – another advocate of “togetherness.” Like her Democratic predecessor and Luciferian comrades, Mrs. Clinton is not only a well-known liar, but she has learned to use the power of euphemisms as well. Her campaign slogan “Stronger Together” has been questioned by others, but the former Secretary of State has failed to explain its deeper meaning. Given that Mrs. Clinton shares a dominant personality trait with our Liar in Chief, it is reasonable to believe that she also shares some tools in his tactical arsenal. While we can say assertively that “change” was a clever euphemism used to deceive and destroy, so is the probability that “together” shares in this newly created deceptive jargon. In the same vein that the Pope uses the word “together” to promote his One World philosophy, we attribute the same disturbing definition to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign slogan. Togetherness may sound good, but beware, its true meaning was conceived in the pits of hell. While the pundits may be puzzled by the ambiguity of this slogan, the children of God should recognize it for what it is: another attempt to bring us under the sovereignty of the Prince of this world. However, as our Founders before us proclaimed, as for me, there is “No King but King Jesus; no Sovereign but God.” You can talk of your togetherness and present a good case for the illusion of peace – just as they did at the Tower of Babel – but make no mistake about it: these pleasant-sounding words will lead us to one place – a place where our Holy God is replaced with a one world religion and where those that believe otherwise will be condemned and persecuted. Only the Lord of Peace can bless us with true peace, but Lucifer can certainly make his promises. Beware of those coming in the name of peace. Wolves can wear more than sheep’s clothing. They can also wear papal vestments and pants suits.

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