Electoral College vs Mob Rule

1Well acquainted with tyrants and despots, our Founding Fathers, while wanting the people to have a say in the election of a president, were yet concerned that a charismatic tyrant could manipulate public opinion and come to power.  Their answer was the creation of the Electoral College as a buffer and a guaranteed that smaller states would have an equal voice in the selection, regardless of their size.

During the last few years the far-left have been teaming up to open our electoral process to the very people our Founders wanted to protect us from.   Left-wing politicians, donors and special interest groups such as George Soros, Andrew Cuomo, the League of Women Voters, Common Cause, the Sierra Club, the NAACP, the National Black Caucus of State Legislators and the drive-by media have been pushing to eliminate the Electoral College, and decide presidential elections by popular vote.  

What could be more democratic? Right! A straight popular vote is democratic, to be sure, but America is not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic, and with good reason!

A democracy means the majority rules at all times. Our Founding Fathers understood the “tyranny of the majority.” A Constitutional Republic means we are governed by written laws, written statutes within Constitutional constraints duly enacted by elected representatives of the people, and as such American justice is not, at least should not be, a stoked-up, highly inflamed, rage-blind lynch-mob, majority affair.

Without the Electoral College design, candidates for president might not even bother campaigning in smaller states with smaller crowds and fewer votes. If only popular votes counted, the problems and concerns of the people of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming would be all but ignored by candidates who would be better served sucking up to the masses in big cities like New York or Los Angeles. The heartland and Bible Belt and traditional rural values would have no voice.

Without the Electoral College, all a candidate has to do is play the odds. Why should either party waste precious time, effort and campaign dollars in any state it is sure to win or sure to lose? Both parties could completely ignore New Jersey and Massachusetts which almost always votes left, no matter what the candidate does or promises to do if and when he gets out of prison.

With the Electoral College, State Rights remain a very vibrant concept, a Constitutional component of our freedoms not to be trifled with, for in any given election, any state, big or small, can be a key “swing” state in which the entire election can be lost or won.

With the Electoral College, every state counts. The Electoral College gives every citizen and every state of the union a piece of the pie.   The Democratic candidate can stage his photo ops by booking a 5,000 seat meeting hall in Chicago where he expects a crowd double that size. That way he can have his news crew filing the adoring crowds outside the packed meeting hall knocking over flimsy barricades trying to get inside to swoon over their savior.  That would play well even on the television screens in the Iowa farm country.

The Republican can walk into a packed Kansas church meeting with cow manure on his shoes and promise to guarantee low-interest farm loans and water rights and legislation to lower the cost of producing corn and pork and “God Bless America” will play well on the sets of NY City news stations.

Of course, the Conservative candidate has it easiest of all. All he has to do is show up anywhere and everywhere – Chicago, Kansas, farm, church, or city street – and explain how both the Democrats and Republican career politicians, those seasoned liars, are so far removed from the average American, from the will of We the People, so outside our Constitution and our Bill of Rights – how those silver-tongued devils are unabashedly campaigning on false promises and outright lies – campaigning against the very evils they themselves once sponsored and voted for, once tweaked and refined and raised rates and taxes on – the liberty stealing and prosperity-stiffly regulations and policies that once again, if they ever get back into office, they will shake their heads at and throw up their hands and defend as the “laws of the land,” laws that, although they try, they cannot change. But maybe they can get it done in the next election.

The Washington crowd are masters at feathering their own nests. They got away with passing the Seventeenth Amendment, campaign finance reform, suppressing voter ID laws, and socializing our health care system. What better way to destroy America’s Constitution, or to redistribute America’s wealth with the world’s largest Ponzi scheme [climate change] than destroying our electoral system? Let’s not let them get away with taking away our Electoral College.

Source: Gary Spina, Independent Sentinel



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