You started your life in the womb. And you won’t believe your eyes when you see these incredible images of human development before birth.

4 days after fertilization – the zygote possesses a predetermined sex – ITS A GIRL – and a unique set of human DNA.


5 – 6 weeks of gestation –   Despite being only 1/4 inch long, she has developed a nose, mouth and ears.  Her heart is beating 100 times a minute and blood is already circulating.  Brain waves have been detectable for at least 2 to 3 weeks.


7 weeks gestation


10 weeks gestationTHIS IS THE TIME WHEN MOST ABORTIONS TAKE PLACE – All body functions are working:  the kidneys, intestine, brain and liver.  Her arms and legs already flex.


12 weeks gestation – Her muscles are beginning to bulk up and she is kicking and stretching.


16 weeks gestation – She is going through a growth spurt.  Her nails are already growing and before long she will begin to grow tuffs of hair.   Her heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood.


18 to 20 weeks gestation – She has begun to suck her thumb and has her own unique set of fingerprints.


6 months – She responds to external sounds by moving as her pulse rate increases.


6 to 7 months gestation


8 months – She can  hear and is beginning to recognize her mother’s voice. Her skin is pink and she already is beginning to get that cute, chunky appearance that newborns have. That extra fat is very important, because it allows the baby to regulate her temperature after birth.


Personhood USA, first published at BuzzFeed

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