Government Will Never Be Our Salvation

01The powers-that-be in both parties still cling to the discredited notion that government is our salvation. And, far too many of them, Obama included, believe our founding documents to be no more than an unnecessary impediment to their power grab.

The essence of our Constitution is found in the Enumerated Powers Doctrine, the idea that the powers of the federal government are specifically enumerated and, therefore limited. The Tenth Amendment makes sure that point is clearly understood by stating that those powers not granted to the federal government are reserved to the states or the people.   Powers granted to the federal government are as James Madison wrote, “few and well-defined.”

The most disturbing challenge to our Constitution in recent decades has been a bipartisan effort to distort the balance of power among the three branches in favor of the Executive branch.  James Madison, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson, wrote “The Constitution supposes what history demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch most prone to war and most interested in it, therefore the Constitution has with studied care vested that power in the Legislature.”   The Executive branch conducts the war but it is Congress who declares the war.

Even more disturbing than the disregard the powers-that-be have for the Constitution is the utter disdain they show for the public, particularly the growing arrogance government officials demonstrate to those for whom they supposedly work.  Peggy Noonan recognized this in a 2014 column she recently wrote for the Wall Street Journal. “In the past year of listening to testimony from government officials, there is something different about the boredom and indifference with which government testifiers skirt, dodge, and with the truth. . .They don’t really care what you think of them. They’re running the show and if you don’t like it, too bad!” Is it any wonder that no one trusts the government?

No successful society has ever existed without the rule of law, which is a necessary and sufficient perquisite for economic growth and basic human freedoms. Laws are effectively a curb on autocratic power and when they are breached, the freedom under the law becomes insubstantial; there becomes a profound deterioration of individual rights in the wake of a growing power of the State.

America’s Rule of Law is intentionally being diminished from within as the ruling elite edge us toward a world government.  And, no that is not some lame conspiracy theory.   International leaders convened  in 2013 for what was called “the Bangkok Dialogue on the Rule of Law,” a hot topic toward achieving the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals.  In fact, at the heart of the UN’s agenda is its role as the “guardian” of international legal frameworks and their ability to determine what our Rule of Law should be. In 2012 world leaders met and signed a Declaration Reaffirming the Rule of Law as the foundation for building equitable state relations and just societies, agreeing to integrate international law into domestic legislation. Beginning to get the picture?

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), established in 2000 committed nations of the world to achieving certain goals across eight priority areas of social and economic development by 2015. Those goals included eradicating extreme poverty and hunger through redistribution of wealth; achieving universal primary education to indoctrinate the world’s children; promoting equality and empowering women through sterilization and abortion; reducing child mortality with “forced” vaccinations; improving maternal health; combating disease; ensuring environmental sustainability by eliminating fossil fuels; and developing a global partnership for development under the thumb of the United Nations.

While Obama and his merry band of socialist at the EPA, the Interior Department, the FDA, etc. worked hard on implementing all the “goals,” they pushed the hardest on instituting rules and regulations to destroy cheap power by eliminating the coal industry, to  prevent America from drilling for their own oil, by using fake science to regulate so-called greenhouse gases.  In addition, by using the EPA, Obama attempted to regulate fish stock, water, production of terrestrial and marine areas and land usage.  

Let us hope that with the election of a new president, these destructive policies will be eliminated and America will once again be allowed to thrive.  But as long as any part of the left-wing agenda remains in power, we are in danger of losing our liberties and our country.

“A legal system cannot demand the faith and fealty of the governed when rules are seen as arbitrary and deceptive. America’s powers-that-be have led us not to an economic crisis or an immigration crisis or an environmental crisis or even a civil liberties crisis. They have led us to a crisis of faith where citizens no longer believe that laws have any determinant meaning. It is politics, not the law, that appears to drive outcomes – a self-destructive trend for a nation supposedly defined by the rule of law” Jonathan Turley, law professor, George Washington

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