Woman berating Trump supporter is kicked off plane

Typical Liberal! She’s complaining because the guy seated next to here is for Trump. She tries lecturing him and says he thinks he’s on the moral high ground but he put that man (Trump’s) hand on a nuclear button when he (Trump) doesn’t even believe in global warming. When that doesn’t work she complains to the attendant that the guy seated next to her is in her space.  

Next, she wants the flight attendants sympathy because her husbands mom passed away and he (the attendant) should have some respect.  When the attendant says something she apparently doesn’t like she tells the attendant there is no way she’s getting off that plane.

Well guess what? She and her husband were escorted off the plane and the passengers cheered!!! Sweet Justice!

So what we have here is another Know-it-all Liberal who thinks she’s above everyone else and that her crap don’t stink. She starts an argument with someone minding his own business, showed her ignorance, and for all we know caused her husband to miss his mothers funeral.


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