Muslim Brotherhood’s Plan to Overthrow our Country

The Plan to Destroy the United States

The very mosque Obama gave his speech in, is the same mosque where the Muslims had plans to blow up government buildings.

Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese born Christian Arab, who suffered terribly at the hands of Islamic militants as a child and teenager, explains what the Muslim Brotherhood is, where it came from, and what it’s goals are. It’s convenient that Gabriel knows Arabic since what she quotes from the Arab Brotherhood is only available to those who read and understand Arabic. Not a word appears on their English website, in the English Wikipedia entry or anywhere else.
There is a message here, far deeper than what Gabriel tells the audience about the intentions of this Islamic organization to control the Western world and impose Islam and the Sharia law in all countries. All this is clearly written, in Arabic. For those who speak English, French, Spanish, German etc. there are other words and messages. Do not allow yourself to be deceived. The real message appears in the language that Gabriel needs to translate.

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