Banks “Red Flagging” Everyday Transactions for DHS

Last month, ‘Public Intelligence‘ released a Financial Crimes Enforcement Network document revealing how banks are spying on our everyday transactions for DHS.

Our bank transactions are being reported to DHS

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is issuing this advisory to provide financial institutions with information on identifying and reporting transactions possibly associated with Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTFs) who support the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), al-Qa’ida, and their affiliates in Iraq and the Lev ant region. Financial institutions may use this information to enhance their Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risk-based strategies and monitoring systems.

Don’t forget that, DHS’s Institute of Terrorism Research and Response works with banks to spy on  law-abiding activist groups like the Tea Party protestors, pro-life activists and anti-fracking environmental organizations. Banks have a sordid history of spying on Americans. Back in 2011, Wall St., and the NYPD were caught spying on protestors.and during the same year, Spiegel revealed how the NSA uses Tracfin to spy on everyone’s bank records.

Update 8/15:

Banks and credit reporting agencies spy on your exact monthly income and share it with numerous companies

Equifax, sends information to their business partners for small transactions like using a credit card to buy lunch etc.

Experian boasts, “Imagine the benefits of being able to see your customer’s precise financial commitments”.

Experian boasts how they “…identify applicants who have exaggerated their income. Once confident with the income associated with an individual and their household, this can be used to calculate a value for effective disposable income…   utilizing Experian’s extensive data assets and other insightful sources…”

The information becomes available to the clients of credit reporting agencies (banks and auto lenders etc.) when applying for credit.

Banks are spying on our social media activity

Financial institutions may find available social media information helpful in evaluating potential suspicious activity and in identifying risks connected to the red flags provided in this and other advisories. Similarly, the location from which a customer logs into a financial institution’s online services platform may also be considered when determining whether a transaction is suspicious.”

Banks are secretly ‘red flagging’ our transactions

In applying the red flags below, financial institutions are advised that no single transactional red flag is a clear indicator of terrorist activity. Financial institutions should consider additional factors, such as a customer’s overall financial activity and whether he or she exhibits multiple red flags, before determining a possible association to terrorist financing and FTFs. Financial institutions should also refer to the red flags and other information provided in this and the May 2015 non-public advisory to formulate a more comprehensive assessment of potential suspicious activity.”

In other words, there’s a ‘non-public’ or secret bank spying document the public isn’t allowed to see!

“Depending on their products and services offered, financial institutions may be able to observe one or more of the following red flags. Some of these red flags may be observed during general transactional screening, while others may be more readily identified during in-depth case reviews.”

Have banks become part of DHS?

According to the FinCEN document Americans can be ‘red flagged’ for the following reasons….

Americans are being ‘red flagged’ for buying camping supplies

image credit:basspro

(In my life, I’ve purchased hundreds of camping supplies, MRE’s and propane tanks does that make me a terrorist?)

Americans are being ‘red flagged’ for buying first-person shooter games

(I wouldn’t be surprised, if banks are ‘red flagging’ Americans playing ‘paintball‘)
image credit:allaboutgames

Think about that for a moment, banks and DHS are spying on people who play first-person shooter games. Fyi, I have played a hundred first-person shooters, does that make me a terrorist?

Please, will someone make a first-person shooter like Postal and make it about DHS. Here’s a few  names for the new game, ‘DHS Fear’, ‘DHS Terror’, ‘DHS Red Flag’.

Americans are being ‘red flagged’ for taking out personal loans

image credit:floridamortgagecorp

Americans are being ‘red flagged’ for liquidating their personal assets

image credit: maryland mortgage


Wake up America, this is ABSURD! Banks ‘secretly’ spying on our transactions, has nothing to do with the Constitution.

Welcome to Police State America, where even banks have become DHS spies.



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