Herbs and Plants You Can Smoke

If you want to reap the benefits of herbs and plants, below is a list of those you can smoke.

White Sage

If you want to improve your mood, smoking white sage can help enhance your level of relaxation while also boosting your memory. This is a great choice for those who suffer from depression or who may be going through a random rough patch. If you are dealing with the blues and want to perk up a bit by cleansing and recharging your body, opting for white sage is a great way to get the desired results you crave.


For those who have trouble in the bedroom or who want to increase their sex drive, smoking darniana is a great way to receive a natural aphrodisiac. If you have trouble with your sex drive, this can be a great way to give it a natural boost. In addition, smoking this herb can also help with depression and anxiety, so it’s great for those who may encounter any of these issues.


If you deal with anxiety or simply need to calm down and relax, mullein is a great choice. This herb promotes feelings of calmness, so it’s great for those who may be dealing with an enormous amount of stress. In addition, it’s great for those who also suffer from anxiety. Whether you have a notable anxiety disorder or are simply going through a random stressful time, mullein can provide you with the relaxing properties your body needs to function better.

Blue Lotus

Stress is a common factor among many people, and there are plenty of herbs and plants out there that can create a delectable feeling of calm. The blue lotus plant provides users with relaxation and peacefulness, which is something that many people crave. In addition, it is also known for its aphrodisiac qualities, and it can be good for those who may have trouble sleeping.


Although this plant is known for providing hallucinogenic qualities to cats, it’s safe for humans to enjoy too. Smoking catnip is actually great for those who are trying to quit smoking. It delivers the same type of taste as cigarettes and cigars, but it doesn’t include the same harmful nicotine as the other items. If you’re looking to cut back on your smokes, then catnip is a great choice.

Smoking herbs and plants delivers a variety of benefits to users, and when done correctly, it’s completely safe. Some of these herbs can be smoked on their own, while others could be added to an already existing blend. You’ll have to try each one and see how you like it.

In addition, it’s also a good idea to talk with a professional before deciding which ones to use. Don’t put yourself or your health at risk, so be sure you are doing this safely and correctly.

source: NaturalBlaze


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