A Drug Called Arrogance


“Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.”  Albert Einstein

Many left-wing Americans along with Bernie Saunders are embracing a system that has persistently failed throughout history. They attempt to hide the true nature of their agenda by cradling socialism in words that sound warm and fuzzy and very appealing, words like  cooperation, collective effort, common good, and mutualism.  They live in a collective stupor, having overdosed on a drug called arrogance.  

They vehemently oppose the western tradition of “rugged individualism,” pushing instead a herd mentality that allows the government to shepherd us toward ‘greener’ pastures. The independent ones, those that choose to paddle upstream rather than go with the flow, are ostracized and hated. 

The modern anti-individualism movement is clearly on display in the left’s hatred for guns. An individual in possession of a gun expresses an independence that drives leftists nearly insane. The gun owner is expressing his individual right to protect himself, not only from other individuals of ill intent but also from a power-mongering government. The liberal senses an attitude in the “bitter clinger” that declares himself to be owner and defender of his own self. The gun control freaks are frosted when an individual refuses to call on and trust a collective government to protect him.

These people detest women who find fulfillment in being wives and mothers.  Feminist expect all female sheep to join the cause and collectively and competitively wage war on male society. They celebrate enthusiastically when a woman chooses death through abortion. They have a seething hatred for those who would choose individual families over collective feminisms. After all, women devoted to families are weak and disgusting.  Stay-at-home mothers who home school are even more hated by the left because this kind of independence runs contrary to the idea that only a village can raise children.

The “right to life” is selective and to be determined collectively rather than individually. While shouting that all women have a right to their own bodies, the feminist movement actually promotes the entire opposite. Sheepish females who have chosen to submit to the alpha females of the feminist movement must sacrifice their individual rights for the sake of the common ‘good,’ and their unborn babies must sacrifice their lives for the collective goal of feminism.

Progressive hate Christians and Jews because Judeo-Christian beliefs run contrary to their own.  They try to transform our Savior into some sort of social justice hero. But Jesus was no hater of children; he love the little ones and warned those who would kill them or corrupt them that “it would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck” (Luke 17:2) than to face the punishment stored up for those who destroy their own children.

Jesus taught a balance between individualism and collectivism. Eliminating one in an attempt to promote the other will lead to chaotic failure. Jesus asked his disciples as individuals to “take up their cross and follow him.” Then he taught them “not to forsake coming together in community.” I believe we can be a part of a community without sacrificing individual rights.

Christians must beware of devoting themselves too fully to a secular cause or idea. Oswald Chambers said that “A man that is devoted to God is not devoted to a cause or to any particular issue; he is devoted to God himself.”

Source:  “Why Liberals Hate Men Who Won’t Give Up Their Guns” by Kevin Probst 

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