If Offended; Sorry. But I Thought You Knew You Were Stupid

Are All Liberals Stupid or Are All Stupid People Liberals?

nancy pelosi stupid

Everyone has a constitutional right to be stupid but politicians have abused the privilege. Liberals/progressives have been taking control of America’s institutions for over a hundred years: churches, public schools, universities, entertainment, politics, etc. So how has that worked out? Are we better off now than we were 25 years ago?

Churches are supposed to be the moral compass of this nation but the churches have lost their way. Most of the mainline denominational churches are led by educated fools who are afraid to make any definitive statement about anything. Well, they surely are definite in stating that what churches taught 50 years ago was too much controversy, conflict, and control. Almost all modern pulpits disperse fluff, foolishness, and falsehood.

Most denominational churches could be turned into bowling alleys with little harm done to the moral climate of America. Even Fundamental and Evangelical pastors often deliver a muted message and have refused to deal with erring (sinning, but that’s so quaint) members. Thieves, fornicators, liars, gossips, drunks, absentee members are seldom dealt with by their churches–even churches that boast of being Bible-teaching! Is that stupid or what?

The public school system takeover started many moons ago by John Dewey (died 1952), a humanist philosopher and educator. He has been aided immensely by pathetic facsimiles coming out of Colombia, University of Chicago, and other left wing institutions. Children are often taught by tenured teachers who are dumb as a bag of hair as they often graduate students unable to read or write a check. Is that stupid or what?

We now have activist professors from the wacky 1960s whose brains were fried on drugs pitching a leftist agenda to shallow, silly, and shiftless youth. Many graduate without knowing anything about life or how to make a living. They sit around in their “safe places” demanding that no one challenge their silly beliefs foisted on them by morally and academically bankrupt professors. Leftists have touted women in combat yet males and females are so fragile that they can’t handle the hearing of contrary views!

Moreover, “dangerous” words are “forbidden” by the thought police from stinging their sensitive ears. Words that are not approved, appropriate, or acceptable are “American,” “homosexual,” “illegal alien,” “Caucasian,” “mothering,” “fathering,” “foreigners,” “elders,” “senior citizen,” “overweight,” “speech impediment,” “dumb,” “sexual preference,” “manpower,” “freshmen,” “mailman,” “chairman,” etc. And now we are told that their “education” will be free, a euphemism for taxes extracted from hard working taxpayers. Is that stupid or what?

After every mass shooting (but not the multiple daily shootings in Chicago) there is mass hysteria among the gun grabbers who try to pass as sensitive, thoughtful, bleating hearts. They tell us they do not want to ban all guns but no sane, honest person believes that. Some fools even use the Bible to defend the indefensible but guns are a lot like parachutes; if you need one and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again! They tell us America should “beat [our] guns into plow shears” but if we beat our weapons into plow shears while the descendants of Mau, Marx, Lenin, and Hitler still live, we are fools and will become dead fools. Is that stupid, or what?

We have been amused by wealthy, low-life, no-talent entertainers with the morals of an alley cat. They are paid astounding, absurd, and abusive amounts of money to infect society with promotion of drugs, barnyard living, filthy lyrics, and anti-American, leftist propaganda. Is that stupid or what?

We have heard the caterwauling from baby killers for decades as they present their case for baby killing although they call it abortion. They even refuse to make it legal to save the life of a fortunate baby who somehow survives the doctor’s attempt to kill it! They tell us, with a straight face, that the baby is not a baby until he or she pops out of the womb so it is permissible to kill the innocent one on the same day he or she would be born! That is baby killing! However, the abortionists have been converted to crony capitalism (but only in this instance) and are now selling baby parts harvested from aborted babies, courtesy of Planned Parenthood and American taxpayers! Is that stupid, or what?

We have listened with bated breath to sociologists who told us that children will be warped, even twisted if they are made to do chores, clean their rooms, speak respectfully, eat what is put before them, stay in school, and do their homework. And it would be catastrophic if their little bottoms are thumped from time to time for rebellion so we let them develop like wild animals and we are surprised when they act that way. Is that stupid, or what?

We listened to the strutting sissies for 25 years telling us that they were “born that way” as they tell us that love is love no matter who or what it is. And they pretend that the Bible teaches such balderdash! So, it is all right if they love the same sex or two or three of the same sex. Or, if they love someone who is not male or female at least not permanently. In fact, recently, they have put normal people on the defensive for suggesting that if same sex activity was perversion in every culture and nation and religion then it is still perversion today–no matter what Obama, Hillary, or Dr. I. Will Tryanything teaches. We are expected to believe and advocate that it is normal and desirable for two (or three) of the same gender to be married. Thousands of years of civilization, culture, and Christianity are regretted, rejected, and ridiculed. Is that stupid or what?

We always thought our borders should be secure and only immigrants having something to offer America should be accepted as citizens. We especially thought no sane person would defend the unlimited influx across our border by undisciplined, uneducated, and uncultured barbarians determined to kill us and establish a world caliphate. If people crossing our border were white, home schooling, creationist, Christians, Obama would use the marines to control the border. We are told that the “refuges” are not barbarians but are simply refuges from tyranny. Those who demand a strong border and stringent vetting and no immigration for a few years are said to be ignorant, insensitive, and intolerant. Is that stupid, or what?

We are told that Muslims worship the same God as Christians only with a different name and there’s really not that much difference between the two religions. Let’s see about that. Muslims do not believe that Christ is God; He did not die on the cross; He did not rise from the dead; the Bible is not the very Word of God; Muslims should be killed if they leave Islam; men can have four wives who can be beaten at times. Muslims take time from beating their wives to pick up their welfare checks to finance their desert lifestyle. Is that stupid, or what?

We are told that mankind (or womankind, if you will) has been wrong since the beginning of time in identifying a male as a male and a female as a female by their genitals. It has been decided by “experts” that an obvious male can have a female living inside and he must be true to himself (herself) and assert his/her true self. We are supposed to believe that poppycock, even though it simply doesn’t work. Kids who try to adjust to the opposite gender are troubled, sick, and suicide prone. But we are supposed to applaud, appreciate, and approve their “courage.” Is that stupid, or what?

A lie doesn’t become truth; wrong does not become right; and evil doesn’t become good because it is accepted by the majority.

I’m not suggesting we send out a posse to corral all stupid people and jail them. Maybe we could simply remove all labels from every item and the problem would work itself out. You know, like on chain saws, “Do not grab blade while it’s running.” Or, a Superman costume contained the warning, “Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly.” It’s really a tragedy because stupid people don’t realize how stupid they really are–because they’re so stupid.

If I offended you by calling you stupid, I’m really sorry, but I thought you already knew!

Dr. Don Boys

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