Reason and Wisdom’s War in America


There is a war on reason and wisdom underway in America.

Many are the conflicts that blaze and burn in today’s America. Battle lines are drawn in political arenas, in our media, in workplaces, schools and in many churches. Why is this so? Can anything be done to defuse these conflicts?

Virtually every one of the great fields of human endeavor: education, science, religion, business, ethics–everything has been colored by innumerable shades of political grey. The immutable absolutes of human morality, constitutional authority and even basic enforcement of law are, to some, loathsome and repugnant or fluid and relative. This situation is spawning all sorts of bizarre destructive effects that become more outrageous, dangerous and costly by the day.

Because religion has been corrupted by political preference and spineless submission to the self-righteous, many mainline churches are embracing grossly sinister ideas and behaviors that will doom millions to death now, and eternal damnation to come. The politicization of science has made the young and foolish paranoid of energy and progress and convinced that the earth is in need of human intervention lest we all die. Corruption in our legal system has lawyers and judges perverting simple justice with what they subjectively believe is best, resulting in acute cases of discrimination and bigotry previously unseen in the United States.

Basic facts about each day’s events are distorted and falsified by our news media in order to advance the socialist bent of the so-called “democratic” party. The Soviet Union’s Politburo has come to America’s shores. In poetic justice, politico-media operatives make dupes of themselves and their viewers. How? They convince themselves that the way to improve their condition is to forfeit the most precious commodities that any American possesses–their individual freedom and their religious faith. These two pillars of American culture cannot be seized by force. Ownership of them can only be transferred willingly.

Events of this generation illustrate an age-old principle still at work today. In the Garden of Eden, the serpent could not wrest Adam’s divine authority over the earth from man’s hand. Therefore, Satan had to resort to shrewd and cunningly specious arguments to convince the Lord’s steward to hand over control of the earth to him. The wisdom of Solomon is proved daily, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

Throughout the last century, ghastly political ideologies and subtle religious and intellectual compromises have been surreptitiously presented to intelligent people as reasonable and rational. Buried deep below the surface, deadly viral consequences lurked in silence waiting to be revealed decades later. The warnings of prophets and visionaries went unheeded or were muted by scorn. Now, the mask is off.

Today, every civil, economic and religious liberty that Americans have taken for granted is at risk of loss by the reprobate political left. The proof is as close as the nearest news stand, television set or internet connection. Many voices decry enforcement of immigration laws as discriminatory and xenophobic. Efforts to return law and order to our inner city streets are now condemned as racist Nazi policies, and religious preference is attacked as Islamaphobic. Lies and hate are the preferred tools of Satan and his contemporary minions in our culture.

Is there a solution to all our national problems? Certainly, there is. But many of our fellow citizens on the right who have been unwilling to identify and engage the enemy, will have to grow a spine and stand upright. All that is required is for right-minded people to know the truth, stand upon it and speak truth to lies, ignorance and hate.

America does not need a new policy, a new solution or a new government program. We merely need to remember what brought us to these shores and to act upon those great principles, rejecting all others.

President Trump, Republicans and Christians are routinely attacked in our media, in the chambers of the Capitol and in our neighborhoods for simply calling for a return to the rule of law and standards of decency. Their enemies are America’s enemies. The two-tiered system of justice and the political double-standard must be abolished.

Actor and author, Will Rogers once said, “If we ever pass out as a great nation, we ought to put on our tombstone, ‘America died of the delusion that she had moral leadership.’” If the United States fails, it will not be because we were overtaken by a superior military force. If we fail, it will be because we refused to confront the evils that dwell within our hearts and within our own borders. And great will be our fall.

Timothy Buchanan


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