Earth Worship

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We’ve been learning a lot, lately, about leftid religion. They, of course, profess to have “no religion,” although many of them claim to be “spiritual.” That means they expect to harvest the benefits of religion without undertaking any of the obligations. It also means nothing.

Recently the chair-biped of the art department at UC Santa Cruz went on a speaking tour to promote the new, exciting leftid concept of “ecosexuality”. And you thought your tuition dollars were being wasted!

It seems this professor is a real expert on the subject. She filmed a documentary four years ago called “Ecosexual Love Story” in which she and her “partner”—of course she has a “partner”—go around “making love to the Earth,” which is supposed to Save The Planet. These people are always going around saving the planet. She doesn’t say from what. She also teaches “ecosexercises”—please don’t ask what those may be, I’m sure we don’t really want to know—and has co-authored a book, “The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm.” It seems the Planet is capable of sexual arousal when properly stimulated by idiots.

None of this would be anything but perverted silliness, if it stood alone. But then along came Hurricane Irma, and we soon see it doesn’t stand alone.

In fact, what we see is the full embittered wackiness of liberal earth worship.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, a celebrity I never heard of, jetted off to Britain—another big old carbon footprint—to give an interview in which she delivered an extemporaneous psalm of sorts on “the rage and wrath” of Mother Nature.

See, the planet doesn’t just have orgasms. There’s also this powerful entity—a goddess, if you will—named Mother Nature who is apparently a registered Democrat who takes sides with the Left in American politics, and winged Hurricane Irma at America to punish Trump voters for not believing in the sacred doctrine of Man-Made Climate Change. “There is certainly,” proclaimed Ms. Lawrence, “an end of days feeling about it.”

Climate Change, which used to be Global Warming until the weather got cold, is the liberal apocalypse, their version of the Book of Revelation. Were anyone to suggest that God sends forth calamities because He is somewhat less than pleased with us, Hollywood and the nooze media and assorted Democrats would boo her off the stage. Maybe even demand she be prosecuted for hate speech and Climate Change Denial. As one leftid remarked last week, Climate Change Deniers “all deserve to die in jail!” The departure of Loretta Lynch from the attorney general’s office made this outcome unlikely—but liberals can dream, can’t they?

The interviewer didn’t think to ask Ms. Lawrence about all those people in the Caribbean who saw, if they lived to see it, their home islands savaged by the hurricane. Was Mother Nature punishing them, too—or were their sufferings just her warm-up tosses? I don’t know, maybe Climate Change Denial is really popular on the island of Barbuta. Or maybe Ms. Lawrence just says things without quite thinking them through.

Pagans worship things created instead of their Creator. The earth is God’s creation, and some of the college-educated leftids worship it. The others worship themselves and wish to take God’s place, hiding behind their idols of science and the state. The one thing they all have in common is their rejection of God the Creator—whether they worship the planet, the government, celebrities, or their own reflections in the mirror.

We laugh at them, but it wasn’t so funny when Loretta Lynch was huddling with Democrat senators to find some way to use the statutes on criminal organizations as a means of jailing Climate Change Deniers. In fact, it was extremely unfunny when it looked like their gal Hillary was going to be president.

Behind all the silliness lies a dark and false religious impulse.

Stalin the college professor would have been funny.

But Stalin the all-powerful dictator wasn’t funny.

Lee Duigon

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