‘DACA Recipients Can’t Own A Home Now!’ SO WHAT?!


The liberal media don’t want to learn their lesson. They insist on writing stories which push the pro-illegal alien narrative, which impose on readers to feel sorry for the poor “immigrants who are in the country illegally.” Where is the pity or compassion for American citizens pushed out of work? Where is the worth and good will for Americans?

The Southern California News Group is still pushing the “poor illegal alien” pity card:

Home ownership will have to wait for this DACA recipient

Notice how the title won’t mention that he is an illegal alien. Not even the standard media line “undocumented immigrant” is mentioned:

Rodrigo Mendoza has worked full-time as a pipe layer for four years, enough to build up his credit to buy his first house.

How did this illegal get a full-time job? That’s a job that could have gone–which should have gone–to an American.

I refuse to accept the shoddy argument that illegal aliens are working jobs that no one else will work. There are plenty of Americans who want to work in trades like pipe laying. Why does our government tolerate this unjust abuse and disregard for the rule of law?!

But becoming a homeowner will have to wait.

That’s a home that could be going to an American.

Mendoza, 32, of Temecula, is a participant in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program that has provided two-year renewable work permits and deportation relief to about 800,000 young immigrants nationwide.

So now they media is trying to cover up their immigrant status as well as their lawless status in the country. Unbelievable.

The Obama-era program, as announced Sept. 5, will be phased out in the next six months, disrupting the future plans of Mendoza and other DACA recipients who have made economic strides under this program.

Oh, Boo-Hoo for the poor illegal! His plans are all disrupted. Aww, poor baby!


And what about the 95 million Americans who were forced out of work? What about the Angel Moms and Dads who have lost their children to illegal aliens? What about all the other Americans displaced from public services? What about the tens of millions of taxpayers who are subsidizing the illegal alien invasion in this country?!

Who cares about the plight of these illegal aliens? The local press is not going to inspire any pity for lawbreakers. None.

Under DACA, thousands of young immigrants have had the opportunity to go to college, buy homes and pursue promising careers.

Not “immigrants”! They are illegal aliens!

A new report …which surveyed 3,063 DACA recipients in 46 states, found that 69 percent of respondents reported moving to a job with better pay. The average hourly wage of participants increased by 69 percent since receiving DACA, rising from $10.29 to $17.46.

Well, well, well. They study simply reported what the DACA brats answered to a series of questions. Did anyone fact-check their statements? Did anyone follow up on their activities?

Nope. This “study” is hardly scientific, lacking in clear viability metrics.

And nearly 65 percent reported purchasing their first car, while 23 percent of respondents 25 or older reported buying a home, according to the study released in late August.

They said that they purchased a car. Why are they allowed to have a car in the first place? They shouldn’t even be in the country!

Undocumented immigrants, however, don’t need DACA to buy a home.

This is outrageous! It should be a crime! We need E-Verify for home loans as well as for job applications!

Those who enter a loan program using their tax identification numbers typically need a larger down payment, Sosa said.

Then we need to pass a law to ensure that that identification number is no longer a valid form of ID–for anything!

That may be a problem as DACA beneficiaries may be more hesitant to spend money if their job situation is unclear.

How about going back to your home countries?! Then come in legally. What a bunch of garbage. The whole economic argument is flawed since it is fundamentally immoral.

Giovanni Peri, professor of economics at UC Davis, said he expects some DACA beneficiaries will be discouraged from tapping their savings.

Maybe Congress should pass a different set of civil asset forfeiture laws. For all illegal aliens in the United States who have opened up bank accounts, they will watch the feds seize the funding and use the money to help build the wall!

“There will be people who will invest less and buy less,” Peri said.

Some real estate agents, however, believe DACA recipients should invest in a home while the program is still active.

Wow! How greedy and corrupt can one get?!

Notice how the report does NOT mention the kind of work that Mendoza does. I think it’s time for an illegal alien crackdown! This is a total joke. No illegal aliens in our work force. Everyone who seeks employment in the United States must be a legal resident, whether born or naturalized.

Final Reflection

I am just disgusted with the clear-cut propagandizing of the local press toward illegal aliens.

This is just crazy. Why do I give a damn how the illegal aliens caught up in an unconstitutional program feel about anything? They need to leave this country, return to their own country, and either make their home country a better place or enter the United States legally.

This is so much hokum. What are these narrow-minded press agents and corporate sponsors thinking? Do they really believe that the hardworking people in the United States, especially in California, are going to fall all over themselves to pity these illegals?

We saw what they did to Nancy Pelosi last week. For all of us pro-American Trump supporters in California, we have lived with their brazen, arrogant lawlessness for decades, and we are ready for our laws to enforced and our national sovereignty respected.

Sorry, liberal media! You lose again!

Arthur Schaper

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