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It is no secret Jihad and the Left make it a daily practice to hold a gun to our heads insisting we submit and believe outright lies, or else. And it is no secret we have back pedaled for years in attempts to appease these monsters, our bad.

The time has come to confront and confound toxic people with poisoned minds.

Here are a few examples. These people were once considered insane, prime candidates for the asylum. Today, they are made celebrities, appointed to leadership positions, featured on talk shows, and granted book deals.

Anglican Minister Urges Prayers for Prince George to Be Gay  A pronouncement by the Very Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth ladies and gentlemen!  (It must take advanced courses in evil to become Very Reverend these days.)  Anyone have a few vague ideas about how dangerous the lifestyle?  How about the claim such behavior should be viewed a sacrament?   “Thank you ladies and gentlemen for taking our tour of St. George’s Chapel today.  On your left St. George spinning in his grave, and on your right, the Abomination of Desolation who took up residence in 1969.  In 30 minutes circle back to witness the pig sacrifice, Altar A.  As you can see, we take a very broad view of spiritual matters, inviting you to celebrate with us as we sodomize marriage, to the Glory of God.”

In other news . . .

Lawyers successfully defend a felon, multiple offender, illegal alien with a stolen gun who fired in public, resulting in the death of a young San Francisco woman.  The jury found the defendant not guilty on all charges.  Thank you sanctuary city public officials.  Please thrill us with your renewed calls for gun control. Please explain why you harbor criminals and prevent legitimate law enforcement officials from following the law?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a terrorist organization throughout America, has its panties in bunch over some videos the President retweeted to make the point Jihad is about terrorism on a global scale and people have a right to defend themselves.  What a concept.

Assorted loons demand we impeach the President, mostly, they say, because they just don’t like him. Torches and pitch forks . . .

Kill all the white people!  Kamau Kambon started this lunacy back in 2009, though the idea was hatched many years before, primarily by Panthers in another time.  Various ‘professors’ like this have taken up the chant in recent months. (Caution: foul language.) A few examples, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Here is a whole collection of toxic people with poisoned minds, many driven to kill thanks to sterling leaders demanding ‘justice.’

An MSNBC pundit, Joy Reid, tells us rural Americans are a direct threat to democracy.  Sounds like she harbors a hatred for Crackers.  Anyone wish to share with her the Constitution and an explanation of the Electoral College?

It is not difficult to find gigantic volumes of information on how Jihadists preach daily about the religious obligation to eradicate unbelievers, preaching that results in actual killing, daily, around the world.    Christians are being eradicated from the Middle East.

Back at home . . .

An attorney general candidate in Michigan has a novel approach to sloganeering. Vote for me because I don’t have a penis. Yeah. In a related story, on the other side of the law: A woman allegedly used a pair of garden shears to chop off a sleeping man’s penis.

Dan Savage is a homosexual and big time anti-bullying activist. A few months ago he attacked the First Lady is the most vile and vicious ways, apparently suspending his concerns about bullying during that period.

Harvey Weinstein & Associates? Redefining the word ‘beast,’ day after day.  Predators on Parade approaching 50 prominent men in just a few weeks, 90% of them Leftists.

From nutjobs with nukes, to hate groups with hatchets, from Antifa and anarchists, to zeroes and Zombies, the world is weary of toxic people with poisoned minds.

Gross irrationality, immorality, hysteria, wagging tongues, drugs and weapons—playing now in a theatre near you!

Next time the preacher talks about sin, and death, and hell, we’d better listen and turn to the Creator, the source of everything good!

Allan Erickson

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