Action Needed: Petition President Donald Trump to Disavow the SPLC

SPLC Hate Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is actively engaged in attacking and seeking to destroy Biblically faithful Christian organizations.

They are engaging in domestic terrorism against pro-family, pro-life organizations in an effort to intimidate and bludgeon us into silence.

They should be ignored and marginalized by all freedom-loving Americans.

But instead, movie stars are giving them $1 million donations, large corporations like Amazon and J.P Morgan Chase are funneling cash their way, and iTunes, the internet’s largest music site, even prominently featured an opportunity for customers to donate to them earlier this year.

If you want to stand up to this group that encourages hate and has perpetuated violence on American soil, I hope you’ll sign the National Resolution Against the Southern Poverty Law Center today.

Our goal is to gather 250,000 signatures on this resolution and deliver it to the desk of President Donald J. Trump.

We’re going to ask President Trump to publicly denounce the SPLC, and disassociate all executive departments from their relationship with this hate group.

That’s right — our federal government — and your tax dollars! — are helping prop up this anti-Christian hate group and spreading their radical propaganda every single day.

As of today, the Department of Education still cites some of the anti-Christian SPLC’s content as teaching materials in public schools across the nation!

We must urge the President to put a stop to the federal government’s support of this anti-family, anti-marriage, anti-life organization as they attempt to indoctrinate our children and grandchildren against traditional values.

Please sign the national resolution today.

The SPLC has a history of labeling conservative, Christian organizations as hate groups.

Yet, they aren’t the least bit interested in classifying radical leftist organizations as hate groups – even when they show evidence of hatred, threats of violence, and even rapes and murders.

Even after an anti-Christian domestic terrorist admitted to using the SPLC’s interactive “Hate Map” to plan a mass shooting at one of the nation’s leading pro-family organizations, the SPLC defended their designation.

And to this day, the “Hate Map” is active on their website.

This radical, anti-Christian, anti-American organization must be stopped.

Help us make the SPLC a public pariah by signing this resolution to President Trump.

If the president stands up against the hatred, perpetuation of violence, and anti-Christian sentiment of the SPLC, it will send a clear message to the radical left.

No longer can we allow groups to fly under the radar, encourage violence against conservative Christians, and get away with it in our nation.

We need to ensure that President Trump stands up and lets all Americans know the truth about the SPLC.

Your signature today on this resolution would be a huge help in that fight.

If you care at all about religious liberty and the freedom of speech in our nation, please click here and add your signature right away.

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