Dumb As Dirt Awards 2017 Achievements In Liberal Stupidity

Sheila Jackson Lee 12_2017

Liberal stupidity is all around us. Read an editorial (in The New York Times, for instance), tune in to a newscast (say on CNN), watch late-night television (if you have a strong stomach) – and there it is: the irrational, the nonsensical, the contradictory, the clearly absurd taken as revealed truth. We are wading in it, swimming in it, choking on it.

But some on the left have reached heights worthy of special recognition. Hence, the Dumb as Dirt Awards celebrating individuals who’ve excelled at annoying us with their inanity.

1. Rosie O’Donnell — The actress who’s never actually in anything, the comedian who thinks crude, foul-mouthed ad hominems are on par with the wit of Groucho, is a star of the theater of the absurd. Rosie recently tweeted a caricature of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that made her look like an orange blimp (you’d think Ms. O’Donuts would be sensitive to women’s weight issues) and calling Sanders “this (expletive) pie-baking, lying sack of (expletive).” The media, which loves rabid celebrities, diligently reports on her eruptions. Many entertainers are equally ridiculous, but at least have some style. Rosie is like a deranged bag lady shouting obscenities on a street corner.

2. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee – The 23-year legislator from Texas, who’s notorious for her megalomania (once telling an aide, “You don’t understand I am a queen and I demand to be treated like a queen.”) sees everything through the lens of race. On a United flight last week, the airline bumped a passenger from a first-class seat so it could accommodate Her Regal-ness (who’s also known for demanding perks). When the aggrieved passenger, a school teacher from D.C., went public with her complaint, Jackson Lee said the altercation was due to the perception that, “because I was an African-American woman” she was “seemingly an easy target.” This implies that if the teacher’s seat was given white man wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap the victim would have meekly accepted her fate. In reality, an African-American woman in a pants suit on a flight to D.C., is the last person you’d want to cross swords with, unless you have a death wish. Is there anyone outside Black Lives Matter and the Black Congressional Caucus who isn’t bored to tears by reflex cries of racism?

3. Nancy (the Master Legislator) Pelosi – The Democratic Leader in the House appears increasingly befuddled. Her latest performance was opposition to the Trump tax bill. Hers is the Democratic mantra since time immemorial – “Republicans want to cut taxes for the rich at the expense of the middle class.” (They should set it to music.) The new tax law is a “monumental, brazen theft from the American middle class” and “hands a breathtaking 83 percent of its benefits to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans,” Pelosi intoned. But, 80.4% of taxpayers (presumably, not all multi-millionaires) will get a tax cut averaging $2,140. Pelosi also opposes corporate tax cuts. She thinks it’s a bad thing for businesses to have more money to expand and create jobs. Befuddled. (Oh dear me, where did I leave my walker? I know, Trump stole it to cut taxes on the super-rich.”)


4. Chuck Schumer – The Senate minority leader with his glasses perched on the end of his nose, like some neo-Marxist schoolmarm, is the other half of Democrats’ Burns and Allen Show (“Say goodnight, Nancy”). Like his party, Schumer is a die-hard supporter of what the left calls “immigration reform” – a euphemism for using immigration (legal and illegal) to deconstruct America. A case in point is the Diversity Visa Lottery, which annually admits 50,000 from countries considered under-represented in our population (many from Jihadistan) – in other words, those least likely to assimilate. After the October 31 Manhattan terror attack, the president tweeted that the visa lottery is “a Schumer beauty.” Schumer’s defense is that while he supported the program in 1990, in 2013, he was one of the Gang of 8 that proposed repealing it as part of what they grandly called an overall immigration reform – at the heart of which was another amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, which would have encouraged millions more to come. We’ll trade you repeal of one bad program for passage of another that’s infinitely worse.

5. Jeff Flake – The GOP poster boy for open borders (along with John McCain and Lindsey Graham) was caught on a hot mic in mid-December telling an Arizona mayor, “If we become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast.” Flake was comfortable with the GOP when it was the party of Bob Dole, McCain and Mitt the Mild. The Republican establishment loves beautiful losers – candidates who’d rather lose gracefully than win with populist positions or by responding to the Democrats in kind. Flake is retiring because, he says, he won’t lower himself by appealing to Trump voters. But he can’t. Even if he was magically transformed into Sarah Palin, he’d still get pummeled in the primary, given his wretched record. To underscore his virtue, Flake made a $100 campaign contribution to the liberal Democrat who defeated Moore. RINO,

Demo – not much of a difference.

6. Jerry Brown – Who better to run the West Coast loony-bin known as California than Governor Moonbeam. Jerry Brown is what you get when a welfare-state Democrat is bitten by the New Age movement. California just became the first sanctuary state and legalized marijuana at the same time. Brown is borderline hysterical when denouncing Trump’s refusal to sacrifice American interests on the altar of global warming. In October, the governor signed a law allowing a third option on California drivers licenses – male, female and “nonbinary” (for those who want to keep their options open). Leave it to Brown to promote the fantasy that you can wish yourself from one gender to another. He should be the Democratic nominee in 2020. Then, besides illegal aliens, potheads and tree-huggers, Democrats could appeal to the huge transgender vote. Can’t wait for the Golden State to let residents choose their species on dog licenses.

7. Justin Trudeau –The current Canadian prime minister makes his late father, Pierre (also a PM) look sane by comparison. His government is spending $241.5 million to promote abortion and contraception in Africa, on the theory that “overpopulation” is to blame for the continent’s underdevelopment. His latest lunacy is a plan to bring Islamic State terrorists back to Canada. Ex-jihadists “can be an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization in future generations and younger people within the community,” the prime minister confides. Maybe Trudeau can set up a jihadi equivalent of Alcoholics Anonymous – “Hi, I’m Osama, and I’m a terrorist.” Like many on the left, Trudeau lives in a world of pink, bunny slippers, unicorns and Smurfs, where the monsters who burn captives alive in cages just need a hug to set them straight.

8. Kathy Griffin – The out-of-work comedian is still whining about the public response to the photograph of her holding up what appears to be a bloody, severed head of the president of the United States. The saner segment of our society was shocked, disgusted – everything but amused. After the photo went viral, CNN (hardly a Republican tool) said Griffin would no longer host its New Year’s Eve coverage. First Griffin apologized, then she retracted her apology. Now she says she’s so persecuted that she can’t get work in the U.S., and it’s due to (get this) the president’s overreaction. Naturally, sexism is also involved: “It’s a bunch of white guys trying to silence me. This wouldn’t be happening to a guy. This is a woman thing.” Doubtless, she’s right. If it were a guy, he’d be reporting on the federal penal system – from the inside.

9. Jodie Foster – Hands down the winner of the award for the stupidest comment of 2017 is Jodie Foster. The 55-year-old actress, who’s “married” to a woman, indicts all men for the behavior encouraged by the industry she’s part of (by romanticizing casual liaisons), telling USA Today, “Pretty much every man over 30 has to really look and start thinking about their part” in sexual harassment. Every man would include those who’ve been married more than 40 years, never told an off-color joke in the presence of a lady, or touched a feminine body part intimately, that wasn’t their wife’s. But did we really do enough? Did we condemn “sexism,” every chance we got? Did we chant feminist slogans in unison (“Don’t tell women what to do!”)? Did we vote for Hillary? Interestingly, most of the sisterhood who took this approach condoned Bill Clinton’s crimes (far worse than much of what’s come out recently). Support abortion and get a get-out-of-jail-free card for sexual harassers. There should be mandatory drug-testing for celebrities before they’re allowed to comment on the issues of the day.

10. Hillary Rodham Clinton – It took seconds for Vanity Fair to apologize for a cheeky video of its writers suggesting alternatives to another HRC presidential campaign (“Take up a new hobby in the new year… Volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy… literally anything that will keep you from running again.”). 2017 was the year of Hillary’s excuse-a-thon for losing in 2016 – “What Happened?” The rationalizations for losing to a man who’d never run for public office, whose party hierarchy loathed him, and who she’d outspent 3-to-1, included innocent e-mails, dastardly Russians and James Comey (who tried to play both sides of the street). In reality, her defeat can be summed up in the lyrics of a Mammas and Pappas song – “You, baby, you… you baby, nobody but you.”

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