Hypocrisy of the Left Regarding Children


For the left, it’s all about the children. At least, that’s what they want you to think.

But my assessment is that they simply use children to shamelessly advance their regressive agenda. They try to bludgeon us into silence by accusing us of hating children if we disagree with them.

The reality, I suspect, is the other way round. I believe it is the left that does not truly care about children. Children are simply a manipulative tool they can use to bulldoze Americans into accepting their radical agenda. The left resists virtually every proposal that is actually and in reality good for children and will improve their lives.

They fiercely and bitterly oppose every effort we make to protect children in the womb. They favor high taxes which pull young mothers into the workforce and away from their preschool children. They vigorously fight every school choice proposal that comes down the pike, proposals that would allow parents to select the optimum learning environment for their children. They virulently oppose those who want to restrict adoptive placements to homes with a married mother and father, even though abundant social research has confirmed that these environments are best for adoptive children. And in high dudgeon, they oppose the concept of arming trained school personnel to provide protection for innocent students so they can learn in an environment without fear.

In fact, it is a general truth that leftists do not resist evil – they only resist those who do. They accommodate and even promote virtually every form of evil while fighting fiercely against those who advocate for what is good. They resist those who are seeking to reclaim this culture from moral rot and return it to sanity and decency.

This is what makes their self-proclaimed love for children in the debate over guns in school so shallow and so hard to believe. One of the fixed goals of the left is the disarming of America. If they can use children to do it, they will. Their screeching on this issue is not about children at all – it’s about vitiating the 2nd Amendment. The left’s strategy has always been, as Rahm Emanuel declared, to “never let a crisis go to waste.” They’re not going to let this school shooting crisis go to waste, and if they can paint themselves as saintly protectors of children at the same time all the better.

Sen. Kamala Harris, whom I predict will be the Democratic nominee in 2020, loudly proclaimed (emphasis mine throughout), “This cannot be a political issue. We have to have smart gun safety laws – our babies are being slaughtered.” Her sanctimonious care for “babies” simply is not believable when one of her core values is to protect the dismembering of babies in the womb and the sale of their severed body parts to the highest bidder.

And of course her “smart gun safety laws” will simply keep guns out of the hands of school staff who could use them to protect students and in the hands of bad guys who wish them harm.

In connection with the tragic death of a young child by a stray bullet in a gang war, the uber leftwing Portland Oregonian thundered in an editorial, “What hope is there for a community which slaughters its young? What in heaven’s name is wrong with us?…No community–no civilized and caring community, at least–can allow this kind of slaughter to go by without comment.”

In 2016 nine school children died in school shootings (data here). But in that same year, 893,000 “babies” were “slaughtered” before they ever had a chance to draw their first breath. If the left wants us to believe they truly care about children, the first thing they must do is work with us to end abortion in America. If they’re not willing to do that, we have no reason to believe a word they say about their supposed love for children.

Bryan Fischer

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