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Earlier this month, my wife and I were introduced to the Forty Days for Life campaign by a friend we first met at First Wesleyan Church in Roanoke, Virginia. Although our two families moved on to other churches and towns, we have kept in touch with these special friends. So when Lynn Marie invited us to join her to stand in defense of the unborn, we did not hesitate.

I was already familiar with the Planned Parenthood facility in Roanoke. (For many years it confused to me why an abortion business, whose sole effort is preventing people from becoming parents, chooses to call itself by that name, until I recognized that confusion and deception are primary tools of the wicked.). Years ago, I had joined a different team protesters there, and was disappointed to learn that it was still active in the life-destroying industry.

When we arrived at the P.P. “clinic” on Peters Creek Road, the man who we relieved pointed to a cross carved in the snow. He told us the symbol had been made by a young woman who had just left the building after allowing the abortionist to end the life of her child. She created the marker with tears of grief and regret realizing that she had made a horrible mistake. She hoped that God would forgive her. The man assured her that He would.

We joined hands with our friend, Lynn Marie, for a sweet time of prayer and fellowship. We held signs that call for prayer while standing as witnesses to the faceless, voiceless children who are carried into the abortion facility only to be discarded and, by most, forgotten. Despite the gruesome brutality that occurs within that horrible place, we encouraged one another and those passing by to consider the love of God and the precious gift of life.

Together, we prayed, sang worship songs and pleaded for God to spare the lives of children and awaken the souls of their mothers. It’s been a deeply enriching experience for us each time we have served this ministry. By nearly twenty to one, most people who drove by were supportive of our presence. But tragically, the vast majority who passed by were unresponsive or indifferent to the carnage that takes place every day.

I’m convinced that in these awful days, God is especially pleased when His people join together as a testament to His love and mercy. There is one week remaining in this season’s campaign, and yet, for many hours of the week there is none to stand and pray for the dead and dying, and no one to intercede for the lost and deceived.

The ironies here are many. On Peters Creek Road in Roanoke, there are no less than seven churches that are mocked by the offensive presence of Planned Parenthood—that modern-day equivalent to the ancient pagan god, Moloch, to which the Ammonites and Jews sacrificed their babies and young children.

Directly across the street from the P.P. death camp, stands Westminster Presbyterian Church. One must wonder how people are able to worship God within that church and ignore the heinous monument to death and misery that exists just one hundred yards outside its walls.

It’s no coincidence that liberal hoards attack the Church as spitefully as they do the U.S. Constitution and criminal law. Despite the efforts of godless liberals to revise and rewrite U.S. history, the fact remains that America’s government and the principles of freedom that we often take for granted, originated within the Christian faith and exist nowhere else. Every affront to biblical morality and truth undermines our foundation of law and liberty.

The Supreme Court’s abominable Roe v. Wade decision marked the start of America’s swift descent into the culture of death and depravity that we battle against today. Israel rid itself of the pagan practice of human sacrifice twenty-five-hundred years ago. It’s time for America to reverse course and eliminate the mass murder business deceitfully called, “Planned Parenthood.”

Anti-abortion laws were struck down by the belligerent court in my eighteenth year. Since then, 60 million American people have been exterminated. Their blood cries out against all living who permit the killing to continue either by will or by indifference. A terrible precedent was set in 1973, when the court enshrined evil as a civil right. The same sinister pattern has been replicated over and over ever since.

Forty Days for Life volunteers stand in opposition to the anachronistic obscenity of abortion. The callous killing of children has no place in a civil society, nor any refuge among intelligent populations.

Years ago, a gospel song was popular that contained the verse, “Ain’t no rock gonna take my place.” It refers to Jesus’ reply to the Pharisees who told the Lord to rebuke the boisterous crowds that welcomed Him along the road to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday by shouting, “Hosanna!”


Jesus replied, “If these be silent, the rocks would cry out.” As we have seen recently, the cult of liberalism has little trouble enlisting masses of people to join nationwide protests against our own government which is now faithfully enforcing our laws and upholding our Constitution. And yet, all of the churches in two cities can barely muster a few dozen to stand for life during the holy season. The Church had better soon lift its voice, lest the rocks replace us.

Timothy Buchanan

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