Exposing Student Protests, Women’s Marches and the Girl Scouts

Student Protests David Hogg

I am not an alarmist, though I am one who embraces the scripture telling us, “And do not have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness; instead, expose them” (Eph. 5:11).

Recently I wrote a commentary pulling back the curtain on another Hollywood propaganda film called, Love, Simon, which is an attempt to lure vulnerable young people into the LGBTQ lifestyle. Unsuspecting parents are easily misled by this PG-13 film and, unless educated, give a thumbs up for their teens to go see this “love story.”

Currently, Snoop Dogg, the profane and pot-promoting rapper is tricking unsuspecting young people to purchase his “Bible of Love” album making it number one on the “Christian and Gospel” section of iTunes. And NBC’s primetime “Good Girls” draws young viewers although the vile program features almost nonstop sexual dialogue, affairs, foul language, sex texting, drunkenness and transgenderism. Any wonder “One Million Moms” urges pushback and pulling of sponsors?

As “watchmen on the wall,” we must be alert in these days of subtle seduction. In the Gospels, Jesus warned us that the primary signpost of the period prior to His Return would be deception. In Mathew 24:1-24 He stated it four times!

Let’s step back for a moment and review three areas where more meets the eye than what appears on the surface.

Women’s March

Less than two months ago we observed women’s marches in Washington, DC and cities across America. These gatherings piggybacked the large, radical feminist march in the Nation’s Capital following the election of President Donald Trump last year.

The media portrays these events as celebrations and legitimate protests against racism, social injustice and discrimination against women while, at the same time, calling for better health care and government policies facilitating “female empowerment”. Young girls and daughters are encouraged to participate to learn ways to improve conditions for the women of the world.

The reality is, these events have a hostile anti-President Trump emphasis along with speaker after speaker advocating for abortion rights, the LGBTQ agenda, radical feminism, climate change, unrestricted illegal immigration and a host of causes contrary to conservative, traditional values.

One of the national co-chairwomen for the Women’s March is a board member of a group called “Gathering for Justice” which receives substantial funding from anti-American socialist George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. This leftist radical feminist is also one of three key leaders of the March who are supporters of overt racist Louis Farrakhan, one of America’s most visible anti-Semitic figures. And if you are pro-life, stay home because your representation is not wanted or allowed at the event.

Student Protests

After 17 students were killed in the horrific Parkland High School shooting in Florida, a national student walkout was encouraged to show solidarity with young people demanding change regarding guns in America. About 3000 protests took place. The impression given was they were spontaneous uprisings by socially conscious youth demanding laws be changed.

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