Every Word Liberals Say About Guns Is A Lie

Dianne Feinstein Gun Control Arguments

Let’s start out with a basic premise – if you are a healthy, law-abiding American citizen you should own, and be proficient with, effective firearms and have sufficient ammunition on hand to act to defend yourself, your family, your community, and your Constitution. That’s what free people do.

Of course, it’s the people who don’t have those tools – backed up by the random goofy vet who tweets pics of himself turning in his personal weapons to baffled and embarrassed law enforcement officers – who want to take your firearms from you. Which presents certain practical difficulties when push comes to shove.

Wait, no, that’s crazy talk. No one wants to take your guns! No one! Stop talking crazy like that because it’s crazy! 

And that sign the weirdo at the March for Fewer Rights is holding that says “Harry Potter Would Ban Assault Weapons”? What sign? This is just about common sense gun regulations, not gun control! And all the speakers wanting to ban guns? You, uh, misheard them. Oh wait, now Justice McCryptkeeper has an op-ed in the New York Times called “Repeal the Second Amendment.” 


Uh, what op-ed? No one wants to repeal the Second Amendment. Seriously, no one wants to take your guns. There’s nothing behind the curtain. Are you going to believe your own lying eyes and ears?

Yeah, we are. You know, if liberals propose to gaslight us, to make us think we are insane for seeing what we are looking at, then they really need to be more … subtle. But subtlety is not a big thing with the Teen Titans of Tyranny. You know, there’s a limit to how long you can tolerate having a pack of moppet puppets and their Twitter troll teammates telling you that YOU HAVE THE BLOOD OF CHILDREN ON YOUR HANDS!

[Spoiler: You don’t have blood on your hands].

Here’s the deal – everything the liberals say about guns is a lie. Every. Single. Thing.

It’s a lie when they scream that you can hit the Guns-2-Go drive-thru and buy yourself a fully semi-automatic assault machine gun with high-powered 5.56 mm rounds, because glorified 5.56 mm rounds are “high-powered” on their planet, faster and quicker than you can call an Uber.

It’s a lie when they say an armed citizenry would be powerless in the face of a leftist government equipped with tanks and artillery and bombers – though their assumption that a leftist government would use tanks and artillery and bombers on the American people seems like a pretty good reason for having an armed citizenry.

It’s a lie when they say they only want to have a “conversation” and seek only “bipartisan compromise.” Foamy Marco Rubio got suckered into that grift just like Chuck Schumer suckered him into pushing amnesty, and they’ve been ritually disemboweling him ever since.

Bought and paid for by the NRA; wants children murdered; blah blah blah.” You know the score. He went to that CNN town hall, which seemed more like a dinner theater staging of The Crucible, and tried to be a nice, open-minded guy, and they slaughtered him. There’s a lesson for you – never show these aspiring Red Guards any weakness. They hate us fans of the Constitution for resisting, but at least they have to grudgingly respect that we won’t roll over. But Rubio is weak, and he showed his belly, and they despise him for it.

By the way, Marco’s latest megafail is his refusal to campaign against Democrat Bill Nelson in the upcoming Senate race. If you need to reach him, he’ll be in his gimp box.

Though soft boys like Marco and his fellow submissive Fredocons refuse to acknowledge it, the other side’s goal is simple – they want us disarmed. But why? They know that Normal Americans are perfectly capable of safely owning all kinds of firearms. You slice the Democrat-run blue cities out of the statistics and America’s gun murder rate is comparable to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. They absolutely know that. But that’s not remotely the point.

What they cannot abide is us Normals being proud and free.

To disarm us would forever convert us from citizens to subjects. They get that our identity is wrapped up not in our guns themselves, but in the fact that armed we have the ability to control our destiny. If necessary, an armed citizenry can tell those who would trample our rights, “No” – and to back it up with force if necessary.

Liberals constantly sneer that we are “insecure about our masculinity” and “need guns to feel like men.” Leaving aside the millions of gun-owning women out there who don’t seem to fit within that stupid paradigm, and the irony of leftist doofs opining on manhood, liberals miss the point.

We don’t need guns to be men. We need guns to be free men.

Kurt Schlichter


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