Do They Not Hear Themselves?

talkheadsAs I have said before, racism comes in all shapes, sizes and, colors.  It is not exclusively a right-wing phenomenon, nor is it exclusively the affliction of one race to the exclusion of others.

I would argue, in fact, that the time has come to nail racism in all its forms and in all its various hues, from the paleo-racism of neo-Nazis, locked in a racially warped time-warp, to the neo-racism of those “progressives” who see all of reality in racially obsessed terms. A perfect example would be the high school teacher who argued recently in the Washington Post that Shakespeare should be dropped from the curriculum because he was “dead” and, worse, white. This teacher, let’s call her Miss Clueless, wants her colleagues to stop teaching “a canon that some white people decided upon so long ago. “Shakespeare lived in a pretty small world,” according to Miss Clueless, who added that we should not “continue to cling to ONE (white) MAN’S view of life as he lived it so long ago

Although this neo-racism is tolerated by those who edit the Washington Post, it is nonetheless as racist as paleo-racism. It judges someone or something not for its inherent quality but for the color of its skin. Shakespeare is not read because he is white but because he is brilliant. To ignore his brilliance because of the color of his skin is to commit the heinous crime of pride and prejudice. It is to discriminate on grounds of skin-color and not on the grounds of literary quality.

Leaving Miss Clueless to stew in her own racism, let’s move to the more general problem of racial abuse that neo-racism represents. According to its race-obsessed agenda, anyone born with a white skin should feel a sense of collective guilt for the crimes carried out by his ancestors and should be prepared to make amends for these ancestral crimes.

Why I should be held responsible for crimes committed before I was born is a mystery to me. And yet, my ancestors were nonetheless white and therefore, according to neo-racists, guilty of having the wrong color skin.  

Dr. Wing Sue, a Microaggression theorists, claims that not only am I guilty of being born white, I am also guilty of “invisible” racism.  Dr. Sue ‘theorizes’ that most well-intentioned white Americans have inherited the racial biases of their forebears; that the most harmful forms remain outside the level of conscious awareness., thus we engage in actions that unintentionally oppress and discriminate against others.

If invisible racism doesn’t make you guilty, Critical Race Theory, another made up science should. Those that espouse this theory contend that being white makes you permanently racist; that there is an unspoken pact with whites to deliberately keep blacks on the bottom; that traditional ideals such as equal opportunity and colorblind justice are empty slogans that fail to acknowledge the existence of inequities that pervade society and work against the black community.

Do They Not Hear Themselves Speak?

“A distinction needs to be made between words that rub some black people the wrong way and those meant to do us harm. . .When everybody is labeled a racist, then nobody is a racist. When we habitually cry wolf, we risk not being able to recognize one when it actually shows up. . .The charge of racism is a distraction.”  Courtland Millory, columnist

You can read Neo-Racism and Its Crimes Against Humanity by Joseph Pearce in full at this link.

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