Danger of the Slothful Yawn

Joy Behar Slams Mike Pence featured

It is heartening to see some Christians are beginning to speak up in American politics. This blog is an example as is the recent push back against the NRA boycotts and the thousands of calls into ABC to complain about Joy Behar’s aggressive bigotry against Christians. These are samples of what it is going to take to protect American freedoms, including the freedom of religion.

To protect our freedoms will be hard because atheists are siding with Muslims to eliminate what they both hope is the odd man out, the practicing Christian. What atheists don’t remember is that it was this same alliance that toppled the Shah of Iran in February 1979. Then, once some order had be established in that country, between January 1980 and June of 1982 about 9,000 atheists were publicly slaughtered. Anyone want to guess how many Marxists are in the Islamic Republic of Iran today? (Dates and execution information taken from Wikipedia online.)

It is clear stupidity for the left, here we have to include most European governments, to think their siding with Muslims against Christians will somehow help them create a better society. Still the arrogance of atheists is without limit and it is not likely that Christians will be able to reason with them. Muslims, for their part, are taught from childhood to struggle to impose their totalitarian ideology on all the world by all means possible, so there is not much room for discussion there either.

Therefore we have to accept the fact that Christians are going to be squeezed hard between atheists and jihadist in the coming years. In this situation I am instructed by the one place Saint Paul was defeated.

Saint Paul was not defeated in Lystra, he built a church there. He was not defeated in Thessalonica, he was mobbed but built a church there. He was not defeated at Philippi, he was beaten but built a church there. He was not defeated at Corinth where he was persecuted, he built a church there. Nor was he defeated in Jerusalem where he was torn by a mob, but he built a church there too.

It was Athens that defeated the Apostle Paul. Athens where he found indifference, he built no church there.

Jesus asked the Pharisees, “What do you think of Christ?” St. Matthew 22:42

The greatest threat to the Way of Jesus the Lord is a slothful yawn.

To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been a safe thing to do. The only thing more dangerous for the future of the world is not to share it.

Rev. Donald Wehmeyer

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