Freedom’s Requirements

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The foundations of freedom are complex; this is why freedom is hard to win and easily lost. Whether you have party loyalties or are an independent it is important to know from where our freedom comes and how to preserve it. Every vote is either a vote for freedom or vote for tyranny.

  1. Know where freedom comes from.

If you think freedom is given to you by a king, president or a congressional committee then they can also take it away. Freedom comes from God. This is why so many governments and dictators try to destroy Christians, Christians believe freedom comes from God and it cannot be taken away.

  1. Freedom requires a population that values it.

No one is an island. We live and work together. Freedom is shared in community.

  1. Elected authorities need to change frequently.

People are funny. They change when they get power. No one should stay in power too long as it makes them thirsty for more and more control.

  1. Judges have to be honest.

Judges should be the arbiters between disputes but if they can be bought or side too much with one political party then they cannot be impartial.  Judges should be elected and know they do not write the laws, they are only employed to follow the laws to settle disputes. Remember the principle, ‘no one is above the law’ that includes judges.

  1. Bureaucrats have to be strictly supervised.

These people are like everyone else, they like their power but they are not elected and often stay a whole lifetime in the government. Therefore they must be watched very closely. They, like judges, should not be allowed to make regulations without the consent of the elected authorities and the public which must live by the regulations.

  1. Police have to be trustworthy.

The police have a very difficult job and they gain or lose the respect of the people on how well they do it. Without a good police force we have chaos. In chaos there is no freedom. No one is free who cannot plan their own day and do their own work. Police, like everyone else, do best when there are inspections.  Each police department needs to have a review board made up of citizens of the community so changes can be made when necessary and accomplishments celebrated.

  1. Citizens must respect the rights of their neighbors.

What allows politicians and bureaucrats to gain so much power is because people are not honest with each other. Frauds and scams cause regulations and more regulations to be written. We have the most freedom when all citizens are respectful and honest.

  1. Freedom must be defended.

Again, because of the fallen nature of mankind there will always be cowards who will try to take what is not theirs. Both government and criminals will try to take freedom away. Vote for candidates who stand up for freedom, who honor the Lord Jesus obeying his commands and listen to the people.

Rev. Donald Wehmeyer

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