Deviant Behavior: It’s Not Natural


I continue to be amazed at what we are teaching our children. Those (whoever they are) that are in charge of what is being taught to our children in America’s public schools have lost their stinkin minds.

They’re “public” schools, you know. Meaning that what is taught is what is commonly seen as ‘normal’ in the public sector.

Webster’s 1828 dictionary is my favorite place to go when I get stuck on words and especially the meaning of them as I watched the tomfoolery masquerading as education in this nation.

Natural, as defined by Webster’s, “Pertaining to nature; produced or effected by nature, or by the laws of growth, formation or motion impressed on bodies or beings by divine power.”

In the simplest terms, natural would be described as the way things go if not impacted or acted upon by some outside source.


Growing is natural when the body is provided nutrients. The changing of the seasons is natural. Seed corn produces ears of corn. Soy bean seeds produce soy beans. After their own kind is how the Bible refers to reproduction in nature. According to Biology all living things reproduce.

In fact, nature is the whole basis of the “climate change/global warming” scam. The proponents of this fake science argue that the climate is behaving unnaturally because of the intervention of the human species.

Weather is natural…man-made climate change is not. So, even the science deniers admit that nature has a natural course upon which it should function. Outside influences, they claim, alter nature and thus create an “unnatural” weather pattern.

Sadly, because they are so biased by their religious worship of science, they are unable to apply the same standard to other “abnormalities” that they see in the world. Hence, homosexuality becomes normal. An unborn baby becomes a fetus. But all “unnatural” behavior does have consequences.

Heck, the science worshipers are attempting to alter nature by simply denying what is considered a “normal” scientific fact that all living things are born either male or female. Although there are exceptions in nature where a form of asexual behavior is displayed, all “normal” creatures, especially mammals, are identified as either male or female at the moment of conception. Ender is a made-up word.

This is genetics 101. It is called DNA folks. All “normal” human beings are born either male or female. Exceptions to this rule would be called “abnormal” and the acting on sexual impulses outside of male/female would be classified as such. Homosex acts will never lead to reproduction. That’s one of the things that make it unnatural.

Our friends at Webster’s would like us to know that “unnatural” means “Not in conformity to nature; not agreeable to the real state of persons or things not representing nature; as affected and unnatural thoughts; unnatural images or descriptions.”


“Not conforming to nature” is what makes certain behaviors “unnatural.” Sorry friends, but all of this gender confusion that is popping up all across America is NOT NATURAL no matter how much the religious scientists try to bombard your mind in the interest of fairness and tolerance.

Homosex is sin. Abortion is sin. Transgenderism is sin. That’s why they have to eliminate Christianity. If there is no Christianity then there is no right and wrong. There is no “normal”. There is no sin. They have to eliminate “sin” in order to “normalize” unnatural behavior.

The sexual act is a behavior. Abortion is a behavior. Cross-dressing is a behavior. None of those behaviors are “natural.”

Why are those of us who are lucky enough to be born “normal” so willing to permit “abnormal” behavior to be normalized to our children?

Alcoholism is not normal. Drug abuse is not normal. Lying is normal, but wrong. Stealing is a natural urge, but wrong. Why are we so willing to confuse our children by not pointing out the obvious? ALL behavior is either right or wrong. Attacking “natural” law and “normal” behavior does not make abnormal behavior natural.

Are you following me?

I just saw where sexual deviant Bruce Jenner is engaged to marry another sexual deviant. Here is the story and here is the skinny. Bruce Jenner, who now calls himself Caitlyn, is engaged to marry a transgendered student 47 years younger than Jenner. His “bride” is a man who has changed to a woman. So Bruce, a cross-dressing man who identifies as a woman is marrying a cross-dressing man who also now identifies as a woman.

Can someone help me with the XX and XY Chromosomes in this “marriage?” Sorry folks, try as they might they can never make this relationship “natural.”

What is wrong with us? Why do we permit our “public” schools to violate scientific standards and teach our children that unnatural behavior is normal? Our friends at Webster’s tell us that public “expresses something common to mankind at large, to a nation, state, city or town, and is opposed to private, which denotes what belongs to an individual, to a family, to a company or corporation.”

Unnatural, abnormal behavior, should not receive the approval and special status granted it by the “public.”

Unnatural is not normal. Abnormal is not natural. The “laws of nature” declare it so. When man messes with the climate the religious scientists want us to know that it is a result of “unnatural” behavior of man. Why don’t we demand they apply the same standard to human “social behavior?”

Climate change is natural. Deviant sexual behavior is not.

Why don’t we demand that they teach our children the Truth?

Dave Daubenmire


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