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On a regular basis we see new horror stories coming out of the once open, progressive and carefree Sweden. It is quickly becoming an Islamic nightmare where women especially fear to tread. Out of control immigration policies, and a refusal to make new arrivals try to fit in, embrace the values, and learn the language, means a nation within a nation has been established.

And the bulk of these newcomers are Muslims. They have brought their Islamic values with them – and they are not conducive to Western values like freedom, pluralism and democracy. Nor are they compatible with things like respect for women.

Thus women are especially suffering massively because of the multi culti political correctness of the Swedish and EU leadership. Rape and sexual assault are now becoming all too commonplace, and far too often they are carried out by immigrants.

Let me refer you to four recent articles on this. The first has this scary headline, “Multicultural Swedish town becomes hell on earth: A girl and two women tell their stories”. It begins:

Staffanstorp is a small town in Skåne, Sweden. After several violent incidents the town’s inhabitants, especially women, feel insecure, news outlet Fria Tider reports. The stories of the people of Staffanstorp went public after investigative journalist Joakim Lamotte visited the town. Previously the town was only known for a horrible knife incident, for which an Afghan migrant was arrested.

In front of Lamotte’s camera, Swedes describe the town as dangerous and full of violence, with gangs dominating its public space. One girl tells how she was sexually harassed and punched at her former school every day. “They locked me up in the toilet and hit me with bands. They punched and joked on me. It happened every day,” she says.

“Suddenly they came forward and grab my breasts. After I punched the guy, the whole family came and told me I’m a little horny and that I need to shut up. When I’m out with my dogs, they throw stones on the dogs,” she continues, pointing out that she is afraid of what will happen to her siblings and cousins in the future. A woman explains that the affected children urge their parents not to do anything, because the gang will take revenge on the children. Another woman tells how she was “brutally” beaten by a gang of 15 people.

The second piece is no better. It also features a sobering headline: “Swedish police warn lots of rapes will happen this summer and advise women not to go out late”. It begins:

After two rape attempts in Östersund this weekend, the police urged women not to go out late. They also issued a warning that “much like this” will happen this summer, Fria Tider reports. Two similar rape attempts took place this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Police explained the same offender could be involved: A 175cm tall man, of about 25 years, dark haired and darkly dressed.
Police investigator Suss Braunerhielm said in an interview with P4 Jämtland: “This summer, more like this will happen, I think” she added that women “should be alert and preferably not go out late”. She added that people should accept the new situation and that they should take precautionary measures.

Another article deals with the issue of forced marriages:

The ostrich syndrome has taken hold of Swedish leaders and their European Union cohorts as the West has imported large numbers of people who engage in dangerous practices and hold to damaging ideologies. These people are harming Muslim women as well as infidels, who were once safe in the West. Now:

“Girls in Sweden are being advised that if they fear being taken overseas to be subjected to a forced marriage or Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that they should hide a spoon in their underwear. ‘The spoon will trigger metal detectors when you go through security checks,’ said Katarina Idegård who is the development manager for the unit charged with tackling honour-based violence in Sweden’s second biggest city Gothenburg.”

The girls have a myriad of ways to get attention from security. Unfortunately, abused girls are often too afraid to draw attention and/or oppose their abusers, especially when the abusers are backed by communities that are complicit in widespread human rights abuses committed in the name of Islam.

And it is not just rape and sexual assault that has become such a big problem in the new multicultural Sweden – violent crime in general is also on the rise. A recent article describes the worsening situation:

January was a particularly violent month in Sweden. A 63-year-old man was killed in Stockholm by a hand grenade lying in the street. A Dutch exchange student was hit by a stray bullet during an execution-style killing at a pizza restaurant in Uppsala. In Gothenburg, a hand grenade was thrown into a flat and exploded in the kitchen — the same predominantly immigrant-populated suburb where an eight-year-old British boy was killed in a grenade attack less than two years ago. In Malmö, a grenade was tossed at a police station and exploded outside. So it has not, so far, been a very happy new year.

For Swedes, this has become a familiar theme. Gun violence is on the rise, with daylight shootings and without regard for bystanders. In the past nine years, reported and attempted murders involving guns have almost doubled. According to Swedish police, hand-grenade attacks (which were virtually unknown until a few years ago) are without parallel in countries not at war….
Yet it’s still hard for Swedish authorities to be frank about what’s going on. It’s widely known that gang members are mainly first- and second-generation immigrants, and problems are rampant in what police euphemistically refer to as ‘vulnerable areas’. Thus the gang wars serve as a constant reminder of Sweden’s failed migration and integration policies.

Wow, welcome to the new and unimproved Sweden. Clueless, or wilfully irresponsible and negligent leaders and politicians have turned this nation into a place where many of its own citizens – especially its female citizens – are now afraid to simply walk the streets.

As has been said too often already, immigration without integration is invasion. That is especially the case when the new arrivals come with quite different values and beliefs, refusing to abandon them and adopt those of the host nation. And that is exactly what we see happening in Sweden, and far too many other European nations.

RIP Sweden.

Bill Muehlenberg

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