Are There Jobs Americans Won’t Do?

I’ve long advocated that illegal aliens steal jobs away from American citizens, even though many liberals claim that there are numerous jobs that Americans will not do or pass up for hopes of a better job.

Those jobs include farm labor, lawn care, hotel/motel laundry and custodial, and meat processing plants.

Sure, many Americans will pass up on these kinds of jobs if other jobs are available, but when other jobs aren’t available, they aren’t so quick to pass up on those kinds of jobs.

Those that support illegal immigration claim that they fill a niche in the work place by taking jobs that Americans won’t take because of the nature of the work. They claim that many businesses will fail without being able to hire illegals who usually work for less than minimum wage and are often paid cash without any payroll taxes being deducted.


Back in 2011, Alabama enacted their tough anti-illegal immigration laws. Opponents to the laws were quick to point out that a number of businesses and farmers felt an immediate negative impact as thousands of illegals left their jobs and the state. They said that the illegal workforce had become a vital necessity in the business world.

But figures soon came out demonstrating the negative impact of illegal immigration. In September 2011, Alabama’s unemployment rate was at 9.8%. In October, the unemployment rate fell to 9.3% and in November, it plummeted below what was then the national average to 8.7%. That’s a 1.1% drop in the state’s unemployment rate in just two months.

When researched, it was discovered that employers were hiring American citizens to fill many of the jobs vacated by illegal aliens.  Plain and simple, no sugar coating, as the number of illegals decreased, the number of US citizens getting jobs increased.

One example was Marshall County, Alabama that had a population of 95,000. In November, they saw their county unemployment figures drop from 8.1% to 7.4% as over 600 county residents found jobs that were once taken by illegal aliens.

A recent study offers further evidence that there aren’t any jobs that Americans won’t do:

Center for Immigration Studies looked at Department of Commerce statistics for 474 occupations, gauging the percentage of native-born workers to immigrants both legal and illegal.”

 “CIS found that illegal immigrants fail to constitute a majority of workers in 474 occupations and, in fact, none were dominated by immigrants.”

“Jessica Vaughan, who serves as director of policy studies at CIS, tells OneNewsNow that Americans are the minority in among tailoring and nail salon workers, and some agricultural jobs.”

“What the stats reveal, she summarizes, is that there is almost no job an American refuses to do.’

“‘In parts of the country where they don’t have a lot of illegal immigration,’ she says, ‘Americans are doing those jobs’.”

Had Obama enforced our federal immigration laws by deporting illegal aliens and filing charges against employers who hired illegal aliens, many more Americans would have been working which would have spurred the economy. One would think that this is so obvious and that it would have ingratiated Obama to more people, but then, improving the economy was never part of Obama’s plan.

This latest study only helps the argument for a border wall and improved border security and stronger enforcement of federal labor laws, all of which would be a significant boost for the American people and our nation’s economy.

David Jolly

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