Saudi Arabia is a Great Place for Goats

Mohammed-bin-Salman.jpgSaudi Arabia Has Never Been Great, is Not Great and Will Never be Great!

Just so no one misunderstands me, I believe Saudi Arabia’s pious proclamations about wanting to bring the desert kingdom into the present century are nothing more than smoldering, steaming, and stinking piles of camel dung.


According to the Guardian on October 24, 2017, Mohammed bin Salman known as MbS has vowed to return the country to “moderate Islam” and has plans to turn the Kingdom into “an open society.” In fact, the Prince sees “a moderate Islam open to the world and all religions.” Well, many miracles happened in the Middle East but it will take a miracle, the Bible variety, to accomplish that with the Wahhabi fanatics in control. They will not convert from bigots, brutes, and bullies to calm, cordial, and cooperative religious leaders and go quietly into the dark night without taking a huge crowd of their opponents with them.


There are simmering, ongoing protests in Saudi Arabia that have not been publicized much in the U.S., but many human rights groups have been making noises for freedom of religion and expression in the desert kingdom. Most of the usually peaceful protesters demand equality for Shiites against the majority Sunnites. Saudi Arabia’s Specialized Criminal Court (SCC) was organized in 2008 to try terrorism cases, but human rights activists have charged that it has been used to prosecute Shia dissidents in the Sunni-dominated nation.


Some charge that the SCC is being used to crush the religious opposition thereby shutting down competitive mosques. Protestors have been charged with “breaking allegiance with the ruler” or “participating in protests,” or “providing moral support to rioters.” Hardly worthy of losing one’s head in Riyadh Plaza, also irreverently known as Chop-Chop Square. 


The human rights group, Prisoners of Conscience, is an independent non-governmental group advocating for human rights in Saudi Arabia. They charge that at least 2,613 people, among them prominent lawyers, judges, academicians, and others, are currently languishing in jails and detention centers across the country.


The SCC sentenced prominent Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr and seven other men to death in 2014 for their role in the 2011 Eastern Province demonstrations and another 14 people in 2016 for participating in the protests. Saudi authorities executed al-Nimr and at least three other Shia men on January 2, 2016 when the nation carried out the largest mass execution since 1980, putting 47 men to death. Most of those executed recanted their confessions in court charging that they were threatened or tortured to force their confessions. 


Without infringing on their national sovereignty, Trump and U.S. officials should pressure  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to get involved and require freedom for Shiites and everyone else in the desert kingdom. Some politicians in Saudi Arabia and America would have us believe that all is as peaceful, prim, and proper as in the Realm of Disney. Of course, that is called Fantasyland. The November 30 issue of the Jerusalem Post reported that bin Salman had “reshuffled military personnel and assets inside the kingdom in response to rumors that some members of the royal family may have been planning a coup against him.” When the 83-year-old Saudi king points his toes skyward, we may see the always-simmering palace intrigue result in a succession of bloody, brutal upheavals so common with the Roman Emperors. 


The desert kingdom is the world’s most advanced welfare state but socialism is always a failed system. About 70% of Saudis cannot afford to purchase their own home and 40% live below the poverty level; however, they get free health care and interest-free home loans. College education is free. Their nation is held together by workers from the U.S., Africa, Asia, etc. I have spoken to some of them and have been emailed by one oil worker who is a born-again Christian. He has to leave his Bible at home and any prayer and Bible fellowship he has with other Christian workers must be secret or he will be expelled from the country. 


We have no right to interfere with any other nation because each nation is sovereign; however, we do have a right to buy oil wherever we please. And we can sure stop any foreign assistance, especially for their war on Yemen, and cease other incentives. If some U.S. politicians were not so determined to destroy our nation so a new, socialist state could emerge from the ashes, we would be producing all our needed oil from restricted areas in and near the U.S. While the U.S. cannot force any nation to comply with our demands, we can use our money, influence, and threats to pressure the Saudi barbarians to make changes now, not after a lengthy study, but now. No changes, no assistance, or cooperation!


A good start would be for Trump to require the Saudis to permit churches to be built in the major cities. After all, the U.S. has permitted about 3,000 mosques in our nation and about 80% of them are funded and controlled by, you guessed it, the extremist Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia! But we are told that we don’t have to fear them having terrorist tendencies. Yeah, a plane ride will make a major change in violent people.


The Saudi royal family lives in the lap of luxury in gilded, gaudy, grandiose palaces; and they speak of freedom but their handling of Fayhan al-Ghamdi, the “celebrated” Muslim television preacher (according to the Daily Mail) who raped, burned, tortured, broke the back, and killed his five-year-old daughter is sterling proof of their hypocrisy. The girl died after ten months in the hospital. The Muslim preacher was ordered to pay $270,000 “blood money” (to his former wife, the child’s mother) for his crimes; though, the fine would have been double if he had killed his son! However, after a world outcry he got 800 lashes and 8 years in jail. I’m not sure whether his television show was canceled. A social worker said the father had doubts as to whether or not his daughter was still a virgin! So, he raped her repeatedly! The social worker also said the child had been raped “everywhere” as reported by Huffington Post.

Maybe there could be something positive about beheadings in Chop-Chop Square. 


Saudi law refuses to execute a man for murdering his children or his wife. Saudi laws reflect what the royal family and sharia law demand. Moreover, sharia is interpreted by Muslim scholars from the Wahhabi sect. Saudi fathers are permitted to sell their daughters as child brides without any fear of the law. Wife abusers are required to sign a pledge that they will not repeat the abuse.


Isn’t that revealing? They chop off heads for apostasy and blasphemy and chop off hands for thievery but for raping, torturing, and killing of a daughter you get eight years—if there is an international outcry. And wife beaters are forced to promise not to do any more wife-beating. They are actually forced to promise to be good boys although Muslim clerics on television instruct men how to beat their wives the proper way.


Saudi Arabia does not have specific laws to govern their people. Their only constitution is the Koran, and all judges must interpret it conservatively. Many regulations are not mentioned in the Koran so no one can count on justice. It is illegal to sell or wear anything red on Valentine’s Day; the mixing of sexes at malls and restaurants is forbidden; bacon, booze, and bikinis are banned; various jobs are forbidden to women; girls cannot participate in sports; thieves lose hands and often feet; and death for outed homosexuals. In trials, it takes the testimony of two women to equal that of one man and a non-Muslim’s testimony is worthless. 


We will see if U.S. Muslim leaders, also living in the lap of undeserved luxury like their colleagues in Saudi Arabia, will use their influence to see that no other child is raped and killed by a Koran-quoting butcher-torturer-rapist-brute of a father who passes in a barbarian society as an influential and “celebrated” television preacher. 


In light of the relevant facts, it is not too much to expect Muslim wannabe U.S. citizens to agree, adhere, and admit to a civilized lifestyle and repudiate the extremists everywhere who defend the right to molest, rape, and kill anyone—even their own children. Any Muslim who clings to his Koran while defending those brutes, like the imam who raped and killed his daughter, should be expelled from our shores. Many U.S. mosque leaders are extremists, beating the drums daily for sharia law which is used to condone such brutality. They cannot plead freedom of religion to justify brutality because Koranic Islam is clearly terror with a religious fringe.


The U.S. should put all Muslims who defend brutality and terrorism on ships and send them to the desert of their choice. They are a threat to our national security and the freedom of our nation. 

Saudi Arabia is simmering with dissatisfaction, discrimination, and deaths. Trump must work with the royal family and Muslim fanatics but must always put America first—that must be done if America is to be great again.

Saudi Arabia has never been, is not now, and never will be great although it is a great place for goats. 

Don Boys


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