Desperation is the new Spiritual Expression

The Tsar Bomba, the most powerful thermonuclear device ever detonated, with a force 3,800 times greater than the blast that leveled Hiroshima, was tested over the Severny Island on October 30, 1961, by the Soviet Union.

Had it been dropped on the center of the Big Apple, half of Brooklyn would have been incinerated in a 7 mile wide fireball. Every residential building in the greater NY City area would have been flattened and people 50 miles away would have suffered third degree burns from a radiation wave engulfing an area greater than the state of Connecticut. Over 7 million would have died and millions more suffer debilitating injuries.

Sadly, there is an even greater threat to humanity than all of our weapons of mass destruction and that is ideologies that influence and control human minds; ideologies that claim there is no such thing as a moral law; ideologies that claim mankind can determine what is right and what is wrong.   In a world of horrifying weapons and dangerous ideologies, the past 150 years has shown that the application of Moral Relativism to the realm of human morality has wrecked more destruction upon Western civilization than the airbursts of 1,000 hydrogen bombs.

The concept that man came into being without a Creator was been taught since the days of the Epicurean philosophers of ancient Greece but, it did not take deep root in the Western world for thousands of years, not until Darwin sparked an academic revolution in 1859 with his book On the Origin of Species and its sequel in 1871, the Descent of Man.   By implying that mankind came into being without God is to imply that human life has no more meaning than that of the humblest of insects. In short, the 7 million people who would die in a thermonuclear strike on New York City is no different from that of 7 million termites dying of poisoning in a routine pest control procedure.

Darwin wrote in The Descent of Man “if…men were reared under precisely the same conditions as hive-bees, there can hardly be a doubt that our unmarried females would, like the worker-bees, think it a sacred duty to kill their brothers, and mothers would strive to kill their fertile daughters; and no one would think of interfering.”   If humans are only the most sophisticated of the apes, and they only come into existence to go back out of it, then the Rule of Law must give to the Law of the jungle. The strong rule the weak – only the fittest survive.

Under Stalin up to 23 million people were executed, starved or worked to death in the evolutionary struggle between social classes. In China anywhere between 40 and 78 million people were slaughtered through executions, forced labor and starvation, and teenagers were literally encouraged to eat school principals suspected of counterrevolutionary sympathies. Hitler is credited with some 17 million deaths which included 6 million Jews and 1.5 million Romanians. Pol Pot of Cambodia killed 1.7 million through starvation, executions and forced labor. Some 3 million North Koreans have been murdered in a state-sanctioned attempt to purge society of the concept that “inalienable rights” exist. While these millions of grisly murders violate God’s moral law, they did not violate the man-made morality of the societies that perpetrated them.

There is no ultimate standard of morality, according to moral relativism, and no statement or position can be considered absolutely “right or wrong,” “best or worst.”   Relativism in and of itself is self-defeating. Logically, there must be some standard by which to compare two different moral statements to determine which is the “more correct” one. Obviously, moral relativists deny that such a standard exists, and so they claim that such comparisons are impossible. This results in the biggest practical problem for relativism – the difficulty, if not the impossibility, to condemn any action. Once right and wrong are relegated to matters of opinion at worst, or purely subjective at best, any talk of morality becomes incoherent.

The blast radius of a Soviet RDS-220 hydrogen bomb is only 45 miles but the destruction  unleashed by moral lawlessness, the logical conclusion of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, has plummeted traditional morals, principles and values into the cesspool.  Universal desperation is the spiritual expression that has driven the breakdown of law and order.

If you believe in an ideology of moral absolutism, if you believe truth, by definition, doesn’t change; if you believe that right is always right and wrong is always wrong, no matter the time, place or society, then you have faced the most revolutionary question in history: “God or man?” and whether you realize it or not, made your choice. Natural law and absolute truth exist only in a universe created by God.

Source:  The World’s Most Powerful Weapon, by Andrew Miller

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