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Politics, according to Revelation 17:12-18, is one of the 4 hidden dynasties through which Satan works.

Evil basically toils under the cover of darkness, but every once in a while they rear their ugly head for the world to see.  Such is the case of those working behind the scenes to destroy our president and our country.

In January 2017, David Brock of Media Matters, Hillary’s attack dog, sent a letter to major left-wing donors proposing that they could damage Trump with a “barrage of open records requests and bad publicity.”  At least three legal organizations were formed within a year:  Restore Public Trust, Democracy Forward and American Oversight.  All three of these organizations share staff and board members.

Restore Public Trust is a left-wing “watchdog” advocacy group launched as a project of the New Venture Fund, to assist the efforts of other organizations in beating up on Trump.  While classifying itself as a “non-partisan public interest group,” the majority of their so-called investigations have been solely directed at Republicans and the Trump administration.

Their latest “non-partisan” attack was an open letter to Fortune 500 company CEOs and University presidents, signed by 41 left-wing groups that included the Southern Poverty Law Center, demanding that they not hire senior Trump officials involved in the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to secure the border.  In addition they let it be known that these companies and universities must warn other organizations that they hire or fund that they will not work with or support them if they hire these Trump officials.  “We will be watching.”

The Executive Director of Restore is Caroline Ciccone, a former executive director for the left-wing advocacy group Americans United for Change.  She started her political career in the press office of former Senator Barbara Boxer, later working for three different chairs at the DNC.

Restore’s advisory board consists of Mesissa Bonine, the director of operations and finance at the New Venture Fund, who worked at HUD during Obama’s reign.  Another board member is Melanie Sloan, senior advisor to American Oversight and founder of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).  Then there is Brad Woodhouse, a democratic strategist who heads Americans United for Change, a former strategist for Obama’s American Campaign; former president of American Bridge PAC, former co-chair for Health Care for America instrumental in helping deceive Americans about ObamaCare and former director for Americans United.  He also worked for the DNC to help elect Obama and he was former president of Correct the Record Super PAC that supported Hillary for president.  And last, but not least, is Kyle Herrig, director of the New Venture Fund. So much for nonpartisan!

The New Venture Fund makes grants to left-wing advocacy groups. Critics claim that it is used to funnel money from donors who do not wish their name associated with left-wing causes.  In addition to launching Restore Public Trust, the Fund operates with sister organizations like Sixteen Thirty Fund, set up in 2008 to promote progressive causes; the Hopewell Fund used to promote progressive causes and the Windward Fund which boasts a platform for liberal donors to promote collaboration on conservative (RINO) causes and climate change

All of these organizations are part of Arabella Advisors run by its founder Eric Kessler. Kessler was a former Clinton White House appointee and former national field director of the League of Conservation Voters.  He also served as part of Clinton’s Global Initiative and chairs a committee for the left-wing James Beard Foundation.

Americans United for Change also funnels anonymous left-wing donations  to left-wing causes.  Originally founded in 2008 to stop G.W. Bush’s attempt to reform Social Security, the organization branched out to support Obama’s DREAM Act, to push minimum wage hikes, to support open borders and attack politicians who supported the Tea Party.  Brad Woodhouse, on the board of Restore Public Trust, runs this organization.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethic in Washington (CREW) is a left-wing attack dog masquerading as a non-partisan watchdog, that targets Republicans and conservative groups with often-frivolous lawsuits, ethics complaints, and petitions for investigations by law enforcement agencies.  In 2014, David Brock of Media Matters was elected chair of the CREW board. Brock runs several Super PACs and 527 groups with close ties to Hillary Clinton. After the 2016 election cycle, Brock ceded control of the board to Norman Eisen who served as deputy general counsel to Barack Obama’s transition team in 2008.  Melanie Sloan, on the board of Restore Public Trust, was the face of the organization until 2015 when she left  to found a public affairs firm alongside liberal activist and ProgressNow founder Michael Huttner.

Democracy Forward, was established by high level Democratic Party operatives to bring nuisance suits against the Trump administration on behalf of progressive causes.   So far they have filed an ethics complaint against Ivanka Trump alleging that she promoted her clothing line  by wearing her own designs at government functions.  They also filed a lawsuit against Trump administration alleging he violated the Constitution for cutting ObamaCare advertising budget and allowing the sale of additional health insurance plans.   Their executive director Anne Harkavy, was legal counsel to Obama’s campaign and John Kerry’s campaign.

According to an article in the Washington Free Beacon, both Democracy Forward and the Democracy Forward Foundation were established to weaponize the use of litigation to tie up the Trump administration and its agenda.  While providing no conclusive evidence of the source of funding, the article referenced to “confidential documents” relating to a proposal by David Brock in January 2017.  All of the board members and four of the five executive staffers are strongly allied with partisan Democratic Party and left-wing advocacy organizations, most notably the Center for American Progress.

The Center for American Progress is another one of those “nonpartisan” left-wing organizations, which launched Media Matters with funding from George Soros.  Officially headed by John Podesta, press leaks during its early years  confirmed that Hillary was ultimately in charge at that time.  According to UPI, the organization became known as the “official Hillary Clinton think tank.”  

Psalms 2 asks:  “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?   Why indeed!

“Leftists have always suggested the arc of History bends in their direction. It’s a Hegelian idea: as each consciousness awakens to the inherent truth of a leftist ideal, a critical mass of awakened people vote and change the course of history. The very word progressivism is based on the idea.  But History isn’t playing along.  Trump has exposed what leftism is really about. It’s not about attaining a particular good, but about revolutionizing culture by government fiat.”   Peter Burfeind

Source:  Open Border Group: Don’t hire former Trump Administration People, HotAir

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