Socialist Can Smell A Dollar A Mile Away

Socialism is geared toward attacking the rich and maligning the accumulation of private wealth.  Which begs the question – why are the majority of rich people far-left liberal democrats?  The three richest men in America – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – all are progressive Democrats with a combined wealth of $126 Billion.  

An analysis of the Top 20 Richest People in America (from Forbes 2011 Top 100) reveals that a full 60% are actually Democrats. Furthermore, if you look at it from a “family” point of view and not as individuals, that ratio widens even further to:  25% Republican / 75% Democrat.   

To truly understand today’s Socialist, you have to understand that there are two types of rich people in this world – the capitalist rich and the socialist rich.  The Capitalist rich make things and build things and manufacture things and provide basic resources.  Henry Ford was an example along with Andrew Carnegie, and Cornelius Vanderbilt.  But you also need to understand that being a capitalist does not make one a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, most capitalist rich Republicans are Rockefeller Republicans, moderate to center-right economically but liberal on most social issues.  

Slowly replacing the ever shrinking class of the capitalist rich are the socialist rich who do not actually make things or provide resources that society needs.  In fact, the socialist rich are mostly urban elites from New York, San Francisco, Hollywood, etc. who don’t get their hands dirty building power plants or constructing homes or cutting trees or mining coal or building railroads. They do not create wealth – they appropriate it.    

If you look at the places in which wealth has been created through hard work, you will always find that the easy-living socialists have moved in, seeking to appropriate as much of that wealth as possible.  Let’s face it, socialist can smell a dollar a mile away and are attracted to money and leisure like a child to candy.  That is why places like California and New York state, once two of the wealthiest and most productive places in the world, today are ruled by hard-left liberal Democrat policies.  Have you ever noticed that the moment that a capitalist company becomes economically successful the unions move in to get as much of that wealth as possible even though they never took any of the risks involved in building it? And just like the unions, government steals the company wealth through taxation and regulations.  And then there are those ambulance chasers always sniffing around for a chance to file a lawsuit, far too often a frivolous lawsuit, to line their pockets.   They love money, easy money that is, money they can take not earn.

The socialist rich appropriate the nation’s wealth through media, television, newspapers, advertising, fashion or the arts.  They are movie or television stars and producers.  They are involved in publishing, communications and information like Michael Bloomberg, or Warren Buffett.  They get rich through computers or the internet, like Google.  They are politicians who build huge fortunes based simply on their political power.  They inherit their fortunes or marry it like John Kerry did – twice.  Or steal it like Bernie Madoff or Jon Corzine, the former Democratic governor of New Jersey.   Or like the Kennedys who make their fortune on Wall Street fraud in the 1920s

Look at far-left George Soros who makes his money as a speculator in currency exchanges.  Look at ultra-lib Oprah Winfrey, a classic socialist who made her fortune sitting in front of a TV camera.  In fact, the entire entertainment industry is made up of weakling actors and dopey entertainers like Robert de Niro or Bruce Springsteen who are so far removed from the tough job of building the nation through hard work that their view of the world is skewed.  They either spout socialism in exchange for a career or are actually convinced that socialism is a good idea that helps the poor and saves the environment.  Nonsense!  Socialism actually harms the poor by making them dependent on the government while destroying their incentive to improve their lives.

Some people are just born liberal at heart.  They see themselves as saviors of the environment, and of the poor, simply by dint of the way they vote on Election Day and the nonsense they spout.  So they continue living lives of extravagance without feeling any liberal guilt because they vote Democrat.

Liberalism is an ideology of extreme materialism.  Just go to the hotbed of American liberalism – New York City – and you will find the most money-obsessed, thing-obsessed people in the whole world.  They love expensive clothes and fancy cars and private jets and ritzy apartments and sprawling vacation homes, and all the rest. And the head cheerleader for all this materialism, the New York Times, loves all this wealth too, advertises it shamelessly, and allows rich liberals to wallow in it while assuring them in its blowhard editorials that voting Democrat every Election Day compensates for their obsession with money.

But more significant is that liberals love power just slightly less than they love money.  It is always money first because money begets power. They demand socialism because it makes them richer through wealth appropriation and also gives them intellectual cover for their love of money.

The socialist rich are becoming the dominant rich as the capitalist rich are becoming fewer in number and creating less wealth.   In other words, fewer and fewer capitalists are baking the economic pie, while more and more socialists are eating it.

Who are these evil rich people? According to the progressive, socialist left, anyone of means that does not join their collective group think. After all, the left hates, indeed despises, individual liberty, freedom, and sovereignty –  you know, the ingredients that enable us to pursue our own happiness, and not depend upon them. Allen B. West

Source:  Why are So Many Rich People Liberals?,  Nikitas3; Those “Evil, Rich People” – are Democrats, New American Gazette

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