The County Sheriff and His Duty

The Sheriff is the only law enforcement elected in his county and the United States. He reports only to “We The People”.

The president of the United States CAN NOT tell the Sheriff what to do. Neither can any government office to include the FBI, IRS, OSHA, DEA, DHS, etc.. BUT, the sheriff CAN TELL THEM what to do.

The Question is will he?

The Sheriff takes an oath of office to protect the Constitution, NOT to replace it with Political Agendas, Political Correctness or selfishness.

The Governor of the State and the Sheriff are equal…..EXCEPT………the Sheriff supersedes the Governor in his county. The Sheriff is responsible for the sovereignty of his county. His duty is to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. When any legislation; rules, laws or regulations are passed by local, state or government that are unconstitutional, the Sheriff has the right and is his duty to the citizens of his county to simply say…NO. I will not comply.

The Sheriff needs NO ONE’S permission to uphold or how he upholds his oath of office and this includes the County Commissioner and the County Attorney.

Nothing, absolutely nothing precedes the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because the Constitution is the supreme LAW of the land.

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