The “Safe Drivers Act” = Real-Time National Surveillance Program.

A new Senate bill would create a real-time national driver surveillance program that would allow law enforcement to know anything and everything about a driver at the click of a button.

Democrat Congressman Seth Moulton publicly announced legislation he’s filed in hopes of making it easier for traffic safety officials to share information about drivers across state lines.

The “Safe Drivers Act” is designed for one purpose and that is to share everything a motorist has ever done with law enforcement nationwide.

Moulton stated the goal is to incentivize states to modernize their systems, creating a national real-time data sharing program, assuring their databases are compatible to improve communication on dangerous drivers.

The plans to make it easier for share drivers personal information with law enforcement across the country is frightening.

Knowing your D.L. number, date of birth, address, running one’s name through a national crime data base, and using auto license plate readers has not satisfied the desires of Big Brother.

H.R. 4531 would also give law enforcement access to videos of accidents a driver was involved in and much more including giving law enforcement real-time alerts of every driver.  It would link core highway safety databases of a State with such databases of other States or with other data systems within the State, including systems that contain medical, roadway, and economic data.

Moulton’s bill would also create a $50 million competitive grant program that would allow states to bid for additional grant money and would enable the U.S. Department of Transportation to connect states that have similar modernization needs.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has also called for the creation of a nationwide system to alert states when one of their drivers incurs a violation that could trigger a suspension in another jurisdiction.

We already have lost the most of our privacy with the national ID program called Real-ID, which gives law enforcement an unprecedented look into everyone’s personal lives. Must we now lose what little privacy we have left?

As with anything government is involved in, by storing and tracking everything a motorist has ever been involved in, we are turning every driver into a suspected criminal; much the same as government assuming anyone using opioids for pain are drug addicts, or anyone with a mental illness is a potential mass shooter.

With each new government bill, rule or regulation, we are being stripped of all our Constitutional rights and freedoms. We are viewed as mere slaves to fulfil their wants and desires for power and control.

Have you yet to feel the weight of the chains, or perhaps the noose tightening?

Just how close are we; or, are we now living in a police state?


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