You Can Run but You Can’t Hide

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.”   Montesquieu, French Judge and Political Philosopher, (1689 – 1755)

You think you are a law-abiding citizen? Think again!  You have been, you are now, and you will continue to break the law for the rest of your life, because there are too many laws, with millions more laws to follow many of which are totally unconstitutional but have never been challenged in the courts. 

Sometimes you break the law without any knowledge of it, even though ignorance of the law is not an excuse, if you are caught.  But worse, millions are breaking the law because they are convinced the laws are illegal, or just plain stupid.  With more people intentionally breaking the law, eventually the rule of law breaks down, as does our Republic.

The examples of stupid laws would fill volumes.  Examples of conflicting laws would fill even more volumes.  Some (or is it most) lawmakers just aren’t very smart.  This nightmare of too many laws is a lawyer’s perpetual job security, which results in too many lawyers.  Lawyers become politicians, judges and bureaucrats.

Since the final draft of the U. S. Constitution became the Supreme Law of the Land, legislators have been legislating, that is they have been passing law ….. after law ….. after law.  Do you want to know why you are a criminal?  Here is why.  “The U.S. Code, which contains all federal statutes, occupies 56,009 single-spaced pages.  Its 47 volumes take up nine feet of shelf space.  An annotated version, which attempts to bring order out of chaos, is three feet long and has 230 hardcover volumes and 36 paperback supplements.

Administrative lawmaking under statutes fill up the 207-volume Code of Federal Regulations, which spans 21 feet of shelf space and contains more than 134,488 pages of regulatory law. … Federal law is further augmented by more than 2,756 volumes of judicial precedent, taking up 160 yards (almost twice as long as a football field) of law-library shelving.”

This is just federal law and it is growing almost by the second.  And, it doesn’t include the millions of state, county and city laws that have been passed since we won our freedom in the first revolution. State and local laws are also growing by the second. You can’t move sideways without bumping into a law.

Too many laws create competing special interests who then lobby the system to entrench their own little worlds, while the un-represented (that’s millions of Americans) are left out in the cold.  We have become a government of cronies, in a world run by cronyism, in an atmosphere of corruption, Hell bent on driving America and Americans into unabashed socialism and the one-world-order.

Too many laws create victims who inadvertently violate one or more laws and spend their life’s savings trying to defend themselves against an intransigent, all-powerful and abusive government.  Too many laws lead to powerful, entitled special interests and the innocent victims are left with no political or judicial power at all.

America contains an almost ghostly, silent majority …. mostly silent and heard from rarely, but it does exist.  Most of this group is trying to live out their lives as best they can, earn a living and raise their children in a country they thought was the land of the free.  You know, a government they could trust, a government that protects the unalienable, individual rights as granted to us by our creator and codified into law by our constitution, a government that operates within the enumerated powers allowed them by that very same constitution and a government of trusty worthy men and women.  Americans weren’t expecting that their government would provide more rights and legal protection to illegal aliens, over the rights of legal citizens, illegal aliens that blatantly break our laws. 

Unfortunately, in the silent majority’s silence, their government, without the silent majority’s consent, assumed powers that far exceeded the government’s constitutional powers.    They passed laws to pander to (or buy off) special interest groups for votes, or to increase their political powers and then levied ever-increasing taxes to pay for it all.  Even as the regulations rose exponentially and as taxes became more burdensome, the silent majority, to their discredit, still remained silent.  Their silence, their apathy and their disinterest in what government has been and is doing, has unknowingly turned each and every one of them into criminals –  law breakers, who can be subject to fines and imprisonment for violating laws they know nothing about.

As the silent majority watches our government use our tax money to increase their pandering and buying off of special interest groups, as government pours our hard-earned money into banks and businesses, as they prop up people who have acted irresponsibly with more of our money that we earned responsibly, they are increasing their power over us and increasing the laws that control us ….. laws eliminating our individual rights, gun rights, property rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the sovereignty of states and the people under the 9th and 10th Amendments and equal protection under the law contained in the 14th Amendment.  The 5th Amendment is all but null and void through the passing of draconian environmental regulation, along with government abuse of eminent domain.

America was founded on the basics of natural law and the principles of a Constitutional Republic.  That is, a system of government by the rule of law, with the Constitution as the foundation of all law.  What the Founders failed to realize, or maybe they did but didn’t account for it, was that lawmakers have but one goal in life, that is the passing of laws, laws that they rarely consider repealing. The net result is we have become enslaved by the passage of too many laws and we became unintentional law breakers of those laws ….. thus perpetual criminals whom have yet to be caught. 

Source:   Read Ron Ewart’s article, You Can Hide From Government But Not For Long, at this link.|

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