Netflix animation celebrates pedophilia, abortion & masturbation for pre-teens

In most of the world, if you push sex onto pre-teens, you go to jail. Most of the world, except Netflix.

The girls that demon is singing to are 11. In the story their characters are said to be a little older, but when you look at their height compared to adults, they’re 11. Or younger.

When I was 11, we did this.

Three boys playing tug-of-war — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

But of course what we really wanted to do was make out with each other.

Or at least, according to the creators of Big Mouth, that’s what we really wanted to do. In the minds of these pedophilia propagandists, 11-year-olds are so consumed with issues of body transformation, heterosexual yearnings, homosexual yearnings, desires to masturbate and illicit lusts, that they are liberating kids by creating a show styled after The Simpsons which depicts all of those things in high-res. Between kids.

And the kids just happen to be groomed by two demons, who mentor them in how to do things like talk to their genitals.

That’s right. There are people in our society who think it’s funny and cool to watch a show depicting an 11-year-old girl talking to her vagina. This is where we’re at now.

The far left pervert media are shilling hard to make the normies think this is normal, of course. It’s the same shtick we’ve seen since Weimar – perversion is liberation, degeneracy is sophistication, corruption is enlightenment. Typical Satanic inversion.

On @Netflix’s graphic, over-the-top exploration of adolescence, no one is more guileless than @JennySlate’s sweet little freak Missy

From the Vanity Fair article:

But Missy is more than a modern-day answer to Lisa Simpson—precocious, compassionate, led by a strong moral compass. She’s also an innocent little nerd whose breathless, high-pitched voice belies the hormonal pre-teen within. Her budding sexuality outpaces her physical development; she’s frequently masturbating this season, even though she still has the body of a child. Repressed girls like her tend to be the butt of jokes in TV series and movies—like Alyson Hannigan’s flute-playing character in the American Pie films. But rather than making fun of Missy’s juvenile explorations of sexuality—she masturbates with her favorite childhood toy, a stuffed worm, in an act her family calls “worm dancing”—Big Mouth treats her experimentation as completely normal, if shameful when enacted, say, at a giant sleepover held in the school’s gym.

People need to go to jail over this. A jail full of angry, brutal men who really don’t like pedophiles.

We could start with the two pedophilia-pushing perverts who created the series – Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. They’re both Jews, but of course that’s just an irrelevant and unnecessary fact which you shouldn’t notice.

They both have demons swimming with children in a pool of condoms as their Twitter cover photos.


Western societies, and America in particular, have been experiencing a multi-decade moral subversion which has been carried out intentionally and strategically. The gleeful corruption of innocence and degradation of society evinced here by the work of Goldberg and Kroll is similar to what we see across the Jewish-controlled entertainment industry. There is something sick about these people. It’s as if, after centuries of having to pretend to conform to Christian cultural norms in Central and Eastern Europe, these Ashkenazim immediately seized the opportunity to subvert American liberalism and create a society in the image of their cultural norms.

Those norms just happen to be Satanic.

Kids are going to watch this show. The characters look like The Simpsons, and with mum exhausted and dad distracted after long hours slaving to feed the debt monster, these kids will find a way to watch it. And they’ll be made more cynical, more nihilistic, more perverse as a result. And the civic nationalist ‘classical liberals’ will defend the ‘free speech’ of the scumbags who made this abomination.

At least for now. One day, though, we will remember ourselves. We will remember that we are not men who tolerate the perversion of children. We are not people who submit to open and shameless Satanism. We are not pedophiles.

When that day comes, the corrupters and the moral inverters will no longer be able to carry on with their schemes.

For them, winter is coming.

David Hilton

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