Save Me Big Al!!!!!

The U.N. has joined forces with Big Al Gore to promote another environmental scam because “Mother Nature is in the red.”  Unless we’re willing to throw caution to the wind and embrace the New Deal for Nature, a companion pact to the Paris Agreement, the biodiversity of life on this planet is in danger of disappearing forever.  We stand to face extinction of an estimated 1 million species within decades along with declines in food production, water, ad nauseam.

According to Mother Nature’s lawyers, if we want to fulfill the United Nation’s Agenda 2030, it’s now or never.  World leaders must set the direction for our future by  safeguarding  the planet’s remaining natural spaces; stopping the loss of species, and  the decline of wildlife, while providing for the wellbeing of humanity.    Like the global warming scam, the “wellbeing of humanity” doesn’t include the wellbeing of the peasants.

Zero loss of natural spaces requires that a minimum of 25% up to 75% of land and water must be under some form of conservation management.   Several efforts have identified the middle ground of 50% of the plant be protected, restored and “managed” in its natural state – no peasants.  This would require that at least 30% of all terrestrial, freshwater and marine areas go into conservation, and the other 20% be “managed.”

The same principles apply to the oceans.  In order to protect marine reserves some suggest a minimum of 30% up to 50% of the world’s oceans must be closed to fishing.   In addition, coastal ecosystem such as mangroves, salt marshes, and seagrass beds which sequester substantial amounts of carbon, along with a minimum of 30% of the world’s freshwater supply must be protected.  

 Zero extinction of animal populations would require there be protected habitats where the pressures of “unsustainable production” be eliminated with concerted efforts to prevent poaching (hunting) and elimination of invasive alien species, and they don’t mean little gray men from outer space.

Our food production must be overhauled because “agriculture emits more greenhouse gases than all our cars, trucks, trains and airplanes combined.”  Who knew cow farts were that potent?  According to this new scam, “Food production consumes 70% of all freshwater on earth and runoff from fertilizers pollutes lakes, rivers and coast ecosystems.”   They also blame our food choices for the loss of 80% of our forests.   

According to the powers that be, by increasing intensification and directing cropland expansion to “degraded” lands, and by reducing food waste, the 2050 world food demand could be met without clearing additional land for food production. 

Beginning to understand why they are pushing those nonmeat burgers, and plant based butter products?  They want to veganize the world!

And of course, none of the New Deal for Nature will work unless we accept the global warming agenda and rid the world of fossil fuels.

The ruling elite  want us to give up life as we know it – all creature comforts, a return to the dark ages, bow and scrape to the ruling elite and eat grass, all of which would definitely require we be disarmed!

According to  Michael Bastach, in an article published in the Tennessee Star, “at its heart  this New Deal is a call back to warnings that underpinned “population bomb” fears, that humanity was sucking up Earth’s natural resources faster than they could be replenished.  Those warnings fell flat as global population, food production and indicators of human and environment health improved despite predictions of ecological collapse…”

The Convention on Biological Diversity estimates this program could cost up to $440 billion annually just to meet commitments in the post 2020 Biodiversity Framework.  Science Policy predicts that Gross costs for nature conservation measures across half the Earth could be an additional  $100 billion per year.  Pocket change – right?

 So how do they plan to come up with all that loose change?  Think taxing the rich, cutting military budgets, and a new carbon tax.  They might have a point with the cuts to military spending – With everybody eating grass, no one would have the energy to start a war even if we had the means to manufacture weapons.

Source:  The world needs an ambitious New Deal for Nature & People, Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International;  How Will We Finance the New Deal for Nature?,  Impakter; A Global Deal for Nature: Guiding Principles, Milestone and Targets, Science Policy

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