Criminality Seen in Other Animals


This news story is over 10 years old. In short, a captive dolphin was rewarded for cleaning up its pool. The trainers would give the dolphin a fish if the dolphin turned in a piece of trash that blew into the water. This is more than a cute animal story.

The dolphin invented an economy. She planned on turning in paper in order to eat.

The dolphin invented money. She would not turn in all the paper at one time. She could not save fish, but she could store pieces of trash at the bottom of her pool. The dolphin would save some of the trash so she could get fish later.

The dolphin invented counterfeiting. The dolphin was rewarded for each piece of paper, rather than for the size of the paper. The dolphin tore large pieces of trash into small pieces in order to get more fish.

The dolphin created her own crime family. This dolphin taught her offspring her tricks. The young dolphins taught their friends in turn.

We’re not sure if the dolphin traded paper for sex, but if she did, then she also invented politics. And before you ask, the dolphin was not from Arkansas.


Rob Morse

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