Young Black Women are the Target of Crime.. and Democrat Politics

Young minority women are disproportionately victimized by violent criminals. That explains why Connecticut Democrats want them disarmed. Here is their horrible bigotry at work.

Criminals want easy victims. Unfortunately, young women are more likely to take public transportation late at night. Minority women are more likely to live in our violent inner cities. Women are weaker than men 90 percent of the time. Those factors explain much of why young minority women are robbed, assaulted, raped and murdered so often. There is another factor as well. Young minority women were less likely to go armed.

Young, urban, minority women have the greatest need to defend themselves. They want to stay safe and they learned that the police will not be there to stop their attacks. These women learned that the police will arrive after they have fought off their attacker, after they have run to safety, and after they have called 911.. if they can, and if police bother to respond to the scene of the crime after the attacker has run away.

That explains why young urban minority women are the fastest growing segment of gun owners. Unfortunately, this minority group of young-minority-urban-women is also considered the core support group of the Democrat party. Unfortunately, today, the Democrat party is the party of gun-control. That explains why Connecticut democrats proposed a 35 percent tax on ammunition. Taxes of 100 percent and 50 percent were also proposed by Democrats.

Politicians want easy scapegoats. Democrat politicians in Connecticut need an excuse for the violence in their inner cities. It is better to blame the tools of defense than to admit that Democrat policies have failed so miserably.

If that means the Democrats also have to disarm poor black women, then so be it. Democrats want to retain their voting blocks. It is better for Democrats to disarm the victim than let the victim go armed and leave the Democrat party.

Does that strategy really make our cities safer? We know that unemployment causes violent crime. Unemployment is above the national average in Connecticut, and particularly high in Democrat controlled cities. Democrat policies have regulated and taxed jobs out of Hartford, East Hartford, New Haven and Waterbury. Democrat policies led to higher rates of addiction, and lower rates of marriage. Addicts and fatherless boys feed gangs and fuel violent crime. We’ve seen the pattern play out for decades.

This is an election year so Democrat politicians need someone to blame. Connecticut Democrats scapegoated gun owners. Gun owners are a minority of the population, and only a minority of gun owners vote for Democrats. The media never corrects the lie that gun owners cause crime.

Taxing honest gun owners doesn’t stop criminals from misusing guns. The unreported truth is that blaming gun owners and taxing ammunition means fewer minority women can afford to own a firearm for defense.

We all want people to handle guns responsibly. Honest gun owners need to train themselves in the safest ways to use their firearms. The more often gun owners practice, the lower their rate of accidents. Said another way, the most dangerous gun is the one you think you know how to handle.. but don’t. I’ve seen a similar situation with someone who hasn’t operated a piece of equipment in a few years. They need to practice until they are safe again. Practice is good, and practice with a firearm is essential.

We want our inner-cities to be safe. Unfortunately, disarming honest gun owners won’t make our Democrat controlled cities safer. We’ve studied gun owners a lot. Data tells us that gun owners who are licensed to carry their firearms in public are extraordinary. They are the most non-violent and law abiding segment of human society we can find. We need more citizens like them.

These gun owners are less likely to break the law than the police. When these civilians are finally forced to use their firearms in defense, concealed carriers are less likely to shoot the wrong person than the police. These gun owners do a wonderful job at protecting themselves and their family.. and they make an easy political scapegoat for Connecticut Democrats.

Democrat politicians should stop the racist bigotry of taxing firearms out of the hands of young urban black women. Be pro-choice, and let these women choose the best way to protect themselves and their family. For once, put safety ahead of politics.

This tax on ammunition will probably pass in Connecticut. I’m sorry if you are a gun owner who finds it hard to pay for enough ammunition to train regularly and stay safe. I can’t fix that for you, but you can fix it for yourself when you vote Connecticut Democrats out of office in November.

Rob Morse

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