Political Theater

Many Americans agree that something hasn’t smelled right about this pandemic.   

Besides not having sufficient data to justify the extremity of government reaction, there is something in the air that smacks of calculated panic and political engineering.  It is not the stuff of conspiracy theories to suspect, or even expect, that the left will take full advantage of this upending of American calm, American lives, and the American economy to lay a steaming pile of blame at Trump’s feet in their determination to destroy his reelection.   

The left is so terrified of what a second term Trump will look like that they might “assist,” or in the very least stand by and watch an economic collapse, just as long as it is on Trump’s watch.  If they can successfully close enough businesses to create a scenario where the President will be unable to stand on a debate stage and tout a booming economy – who’s to say they wouldn’t do it?  If they can make this his Katrina – they will.  America is not safe from desperate Democrats.

The sad fact is that the art of politics in America is no longer about right or wrong, or justice, or even the common good—at least it’s not for those who make it big in the ring. It’s all about winning, about maintaining power, and playing the game of lies that bestows a twisted species of victory and power—all that the devil could offer Christ after His forty days. If there is an angle to win in pandemic politics, the Left will lunge for it with everything they have.

Trump is not nor has he ever been part of the machine, and the machine is rising against him as the election looms.  Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, famously said during the financial mayhem of 2008, to never let a good crisis go to waste. Make no mistake, Obama’s ilk are mobilized with the spread of the coronavirus. But their hypocrisy should make the cure worse than the disease. 

In the name of controlling COVID-19, the shadow of Big Government has taken control in nearly every sector of American life.  Churches, charities, schools, and businesses are being shuttered with an unsubstantiated, preemptive rush, quarantining the American people in an environment of fear.

Political theater played out in Congress over some liberal pet-projects, blocking the bi-partisan emergency relief package for a spell, and prolonging the national tension to divert it with all the punch that CNN and the NYT can pack towards the President and his party. And as the coronavirus curve flattens, the leftwing virus will begin to spike.

This pandemic will be weaponized long after it runs its course. The Left will extort this crisis to advance their political agenda to sway the course of the election, giving foreign interference in an American election a new meaning.  Americans on the side of truth must stand ready to recognize this manipulation and resist it.

Christians must prepare to defend the President, and also prepare to repel the infection of untruth. The White House’s response to coronavirus is already being lambasted as a gross failure in order to make Trump responsible for the loss of American lives and livelihoods.  But never forget, the enemies of this administration are also the enemies of truth.

For the time being, Americans should be cautious, follow the mandates, and be smart and safe in Christian charity and prudence. In the near future, Americans, with Christian Americans on the frontline, should do whatever they can to combat and tear down the false narratives and orchestrated issues that will be used as leverage to overthrow a President who is working for the people.

Pray for an end to the war against coronavirus, and for strength in the war that is coming against the leftwing virus. We will win because we know the truth.

Source:  Are We Ready for the Leftwing Virus? By Sean Fitzpatrick, The Imaginative Conservative

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