The Great Pyramid of Giza Decoded

0003There are over 80 pyramids in Egypt built between the 27th and 18th centuries B.C.   The most famous of these are the three Pyramids of Giza, the largest of which is the Great Pyramid, one of the last remaining Seven Wonders of the ancient world.  

While most Egyptian monuments are covered with hieroglyphic writings, easily read by experts, the Great Pyramid, in this respect, is silent. If it has a message, that message is not on the surface for anyone to read.

Khufu, the second king of the 4th Egyptian Dynasty, was said to be Pharoah when the three Pyramids were built.  According to Herodotus, aka the Father of History, “strangers to Egypt” supervised the building of the Great Pyramid and Manetho, an Egyptian priest gave us a clue as to who the “strangers” were.   He wrote that the temples were closed during the time of the Shepherd Kings which “came up from the East, men of an ignoble race, who had the confidence to invade our country, and easily subdued it by their power, without a battle.”  All this nation, according to Manetho, “was styled [called] Hyksos, the Shepherd Kings.” There are debates between scholars as to the origins of the Shepherd Kings, but most scholars assume that they had to be Hebrew or Arabs.  

Bible chronology and archaeology have both established the date of the start of the building of the Great Pyramid at 2623 B.C. While the two smaller pyramids were intended to serve as sepulchers for the Egyptian kings who built them, Herodotus tells us that the Great Pyramid was never used as a tomb.  If not a tomb, what was its purpose?

The Great Pyramid stands on the northern edge of the Giza Plateau, 198 feet above sea level, in the eastern extremity of the Libyan section of the Sahara Desert, placing it in the exact center of all the land area of the world

That its architect knew where to find the poles of the earth is evidenced by the degree of accuracy in orienting the building true north. Modern man’s best effort, the Paris Observatory, is six minutes of a degree off true north. The Great Pyramid today is only off three minutes and that after more than 4200 years.  Such perfect orientation is hard to secure, even with modern astronomical equipment. 

In Isaiah 19: 19-20 God said there would be an altar in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar [monument] at the border thereof for a sign and a witness in the land. The only spot on the face of the earth that completely answers Isaiah’s description, both geometrically and geographically, is the exact place where the Great Pyramid stands.

It covers slightly over 13 acres and contains nearly 90,000 cubic feet of masonry, enough to build 30 Empire State Buildings, and with the exception of the small space occupied by passages and chambers, it is a solid mass. The original side length is 755 ¾ feet and the height to the top, as the builders left it unfinished, is 454 ½ feet. The top piece, or capstone, was never set, having been rejected by the builders.

Using smooth, highly polished limestone blocks (casing stones), each side of the Great Pyramid having an area of 5 ¼ acres, acted as gigantic mirrors, reflecting beams of sun light that could be seen for miles.  For this reason, it became the great sundial of Egypt, not only for hours and days, but for seasons, defining the solar astronomical year.

Scientifically directed surveys furnished the actual geometric measurements revealing that the Pyramid constituted a geometrical representation, on a vast scale, of mathematical and astronomical knowledge not to be known again for over 4500 years.

The unit of measure used in construction was the Egyptian Royal Cubit even though the linear unit predominating in the design was the Sacred Cubit. A scientific examination of the Sacred Cubit found it to bear an exact relationship to the size of the planet earth.  This Cubit is the exact 10,000,000th part of the distance from the center of the earth to the pole, or semi-axis. The Sacred Cubit is comprised of 25 (5×5) inches and this inch is the 500,000,000th part of the earth’s axis of rotation (polar axis).

The entire geometric structure of the Pyramid is designed on the basis of pi, 3.14159, the mathematical ratio upon which the whole physical universe is designed, and the value of y, 365.242, the number of days in Earth’s solar year. Nearly all the dimensions of the interior and the Architect’s design of the exterior are expressible in terms of the length of the solar year.

Although the Pyramid Numerics are geometric, there is one arithmetical number that is prominent, the number 5.  This number, and multiples, powers and geometrical proportions of it runs through the Pyramid and its measure references.

The floor of the Queens chamber is 5 times 5 courses of masonry from the base upward. The Kings chamber floor is 10 times 5 courses from the base and its walls are composed of 20 times 5 stones, arranged in 5 horizontal courses. The Pyramid itself has 5 corners, 4 at the base and one at the apex.

The number 5 symbolizes GRACE in God’s word.   Periods of 5 years are the integral units with which the whole structure of prophetic chronology is built up in the Bible. Multiples of 5 were also the dimensions of Noah’s Ark, the Wilderness Tabernacle and Solomon’s Temple.

There are numerous scientific features, far too numerous to mention, built into the design of the Great Pyramid. As an example:

  1. Scientists discovered that built into the Pyramid’s base plans was a figure approximating the distance from the earth to the sun, as well as the specific gravity of the earth.
  2. Scientists have also discovered the top of the Pyramid, left unfinished is short a mere ½ feet of the volume of the earth’s crust above mean sea-level.
  3. The Pyramid also conforms perfectly to the Golden Rule of Architecture, namely, .618. The ratio from the distance from the center of the base of the Pyramid out to each of the 4 sides bear to the oblique height of the faces is precisely correct to three decimal places.
  4. The measurements designating the three astronomical earth years [the solar tropical, the sidereal, and the anomalistic] were found in the hollowed-in core masonry on the faces of the Pyramid hidden by the original casing stones.

To discover more interesting facts, read The Great Pyramid Decoded, by E. Raymont Capt, M.A., A.I.A., F.S.A., Scotland

“Behold this mighty beauteous wonder! O’ Pyramid of God’s own splendor. O’ mighty glorious altar so dear, Let us hear, let us know of thy secrets made clear. Every stone, every inch of thy marvelous being are glories, are secrets our hearts are now seeing. He drew His plan for all mankind and left it there for us to find.” The Glory of the Great Pyramid, by Dixielee Errico

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