Sacrificing God on the Altar of Humanism

“Evil destroys itself because it carries the seeds of its own destruction. And it’s not just destructive, it is self-destructive. Evil is cunning, but it is also stupid; it is ruthless, but it is also cowardly. It loves plans, but it cannot distinguish its own fantasies from actual events. Like an unstable element, it is forever at war with the forces threatening to tear it apart, until they eventually do, but not until the damage has spread.” Daniel Greenfield

America once proudly served as the moral and spiritual foundation for the world. Adherence to spiritual principles and obedience to the laws of God, necessary to keep evil in chains, are no longer acceptable.   We have sacrificed the lives of our future generation on the altar of women’s rights; sacrificed our unborn to the god of Moloch; sacrificed traditional morals and values on the altar of homosexual rights; and God on the altar of Humanism.

Can we walk back the evil we have accepted, celebrated, and even exported? Unless we direct the argument to its root cause, and refuse to continue our subjugation to the evil thrust upon us by a leadership of the un-Godly, then it is likely.

Modern man thought that when he rid himself of God he had freed himself from all that repressed and stifled him. Instead, he discovered that in killing God, he had also destroyed his very soul. For if there is no God, than man and the universe are doomed.   For if there is no God and no mortality, then life is ultimately without significance, value or purpose.  The concept of morality loses all meaning in a universe without God. In Jean-Paul Sartre’s words, “the concept of moral obligation [is] unintelligible apart from the idea of God. The words remain but their meaning is gone.”

In a world without God there can be no objective right and wrong, only our culturally and personally relative subjective judgments. It becomes impossible to condemn war, oppression, crime, or evil, just as it makes it impossible to praise brotherhood, equality and love.   For in a universe without God, good and evil do not exist, there is only the bare valueless fact of existence.

Without God, life itself is a just a freak of nature, a blind product of matter + time + chance. Man is just a lump of slime that evolved rationality, and the universe is only a cosmic accident, a chance explosion without reason or purpose.    As philosopher W.E. Hockings put it without God “human life is mounted upon a subhuman pedestal and must shift for itself alone in the heart of a silent and mindless universe.”

Life, liberty and equality are of infinite value but they cannot be achieved without God.

Source: “The Absurdity of Life Without God” by William Lane Craig

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