The Moving Forward To Destruction Act

The White House kept Trump’s plan to spend $1 trillion to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure, from highways to roads to water on the backburner, waiting to reveal the card when it was expedient.  As it turns out, Democrats now think it is critical to go through with this costly endeavor to stimulate the economy. 

While Republicans are reportedly nervous about spending another trillion, Democrats are not only willing to move forward with Trump’s infrastructure bill but have as usual drafted their own version which they lovingly call the Moving Forward Act.

The $1.5 trillion proposal includes a wide range of goodies that sound benign on the surface. It consists of $25 billion for drinking water, $100 billion for low-income schools, $100 billion for public housing, $25 billion for hospital upgrades, and $25 billion for the postal service. Who does not want clean water or updated hospitals? But the legislation will inevitably consist of pork that would satisfy the appetites of Swamp creatures. Like any other type of legislative push, a benevolent proposal degenerates into transferring wealth from the poor and middle class to the well-connected, feeding the Swamp creatures with tax dollars.

Pelosi assures of there is nothing to worry about in this Act because it will be paid for with bonds, as if the $101 trillion market were not already drowning in domestic and foreign debt.  As smug Democrat Congressman Peter DeFazio of Oregon warns, citizens should hold onto their hats.  “Those who don’t believe in climate change, tough luck. We’re going to deal with it. Republicans have been a bit critical at points during the mark up and saying this is Green New Deal 2.0. This is the application of the principles of the Green New Deal. And this proves that we can both deal with climate change, fossil fuel pollution and actually create millions of new high-paying American jobs. That is the promise of this legislation.”

To me the really scary part is that Republicans only seem to find a problem with the price-tag and not the content.  But where were they when they were approving multi-trillion-dollar stimulus and relief packages in the fallout of the fake Coronavirus pandemic? Where were they in recent years when the federal government was racking up debt?  Anytime the GOP starts flailing its arms over the cost of public policies, it is hard to take the grievances seriously.  

Both the elephant and the ass talk a good game when they are the opposition but once they are holding the keys to the kingdom, fiscal conservatism becomes a relic of a bygone era and the political philosophy’s fossilized carcass is only put on display when it is convenient. 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi,  while pushing the left’s new spending agenda revealed their next step – immigration and open borders should they reclaim the white house in November.   In the meantime, both sides will reach some compromise on bankrupting America and conceding to the left’s wild green scheme.   

When both sides talk of bipartisanship, hold on to your wallet!  It is truly a frightening prospect – one side wants to spend money for the sake of spending money and the other is about centrally planning society to fit the teachings of the Book of Al Gore.

Source:  The Green New Deal Inside The Democrats’ Infrastructure Bill by Andrew Moran,  Liberty Nation;  Moving Forward Act, Fact Sheet

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