Who Are These Systemic Racists?

“Black activists and white progressives stress racism because it serves their own interests, not because it actually improves the station of blacks.”  Jason Riley

Systemic racism is basically a theoretical concept developed by sociologist Joe Feagin in his book, “Racist America: Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations.”  Feagin’s theory is premised on his claim that the U.S. was founded as a racist society, that racism is embedded in all social institutions, structures and social relations without our society that gives an unjust amount of resources, rights, and power to whites while denying them to people of color. 

If America is infected with systemic racism, as alleged by Feagin, who are the systemic racists?  Certainly not those pushing the narrative, or the cable news lefties who toss out the allegation with abandon, or the mandarins of Hollywood or the think tank mavens with their phony studies and charts. And of course we have to exclude the Democratic establishment persistently leveraging identity politics and the professional celebs whose household recognition quality them as authority figures, and the elite living their pristine lives in gated communities, or the nation’s minorities, spoon-fed this socialist nonsense day in and day out.

That only leaves the middle-class and working-class whites, already beleaguered economically by the hollowing out of the nation’s industrial base, who struggle to survive in the new service and high-tech environment.  And now they have to worry about becoming the next Exhibit A in the elites’ persistent search for evidence of systemic racism.

This is scary stuff to people who just want to live their lives without feeling vulnerable to being singled out as specimens of systemic racism and called to account for slipping into some hazardous lapse such as thinking that all lives matter or any other innocuous racial observation that never would have raised eyebrows among whites or blacks just a few years ago.

At one time it is safe to say that systemic racism did exist in the U.S. but, The Civil Rights Movement, laws such as the 14th Amendment and the Voting Rights Act, and legal cases such as Brown v. Board of Education, were brought into existence to ensure equal treatment of all races.  And while racism is not completely eradicated it is no longer systemic, nor has it been for decades in either society or corporate America.

It is true some whites hate blacks, but that is matched by some blacks hating whites, though the latter cannot officially be called “racism”, because “systemic racism,” according to the left, allows that only whites can be racist. Strangely, this hatred where it exists between the groups is everywhere encouraged, most especially by those professing “systemic racism.” 

It is also true that we haven’t achieved equal economic outcomes for every American of any race.  That’s not how the real world works.  People who see disparate outcomes as proof of “endemic racism” are indulging in a conspiracy theory.   The systemic problem we do have is an extreme movement that has hijacked the Democratic Party and sold half the American people a bill of goods for political gain.  

Every corporation, as far as I know without exception, have a plethora of diversity officers on staff, whose singular purpose is to ensure blacks are given positions, even to the extent of weakening job requirements. Success is measured by quota.  Every university, college, seminary, and academy hungers for greater “diversity”, which everybody knows means more blacks, fewer whites, fewer Asians, and more people who embrace various sexual perversions.

Every political organization goes out of its way to ensure blacks are “visible”. Appointments to committees, the judiciary, boards, and on and on have quotas, stated and unstated. The military is open about its quotas, and has been for a long time.

Media and Big Tech as a matter of policy shades coverage and searches in favor of blacks, either by not reporting black crime, especially against whites, or by repeating endlessly the fiction that systemic racism is pervasive.  The “1619 Project” from the New York Times stating that America’s founding purpose was racism is bad historical fiction, filled with purposeful lies and disinformation. It won the Pulitzer prize – is anyone really surprised?

Movies and TV go out of their way to disproportionately feature blacks. Critics compete to praise, or overlook flaws, in projects predominately featuring blacks.   And did I mention Affirmative Action and the loss of Freedom of Assembly?

Black Americans commit 6-10 times more criminal acts than whites, including murder. That’s 600% to 1,000% more, explaining the greater black prison population.  Greater criminality brings greater police scrutiny. And greater police scrutiny engenders more distrust and greater animosity between the groups. 

However, there is no evidence, whatsoever, that police departments nationwide brutalize black defendants more than white ones. In fact, there’s abundant evidence to the contrary. Nor is there any reason to think abolishing or slashing police forces help black people in crime-ridden cities. Or that black people want to see cops vanish from their neighborhoods. In fact, most want the opposite

I will never take a knee to a Marxist cult like Black Lives Matter  or Antifa, nor will I cringe and confess that I’m part of its conspiratorial fantasy and neither should any  patriotic American, much less a Christian.

“There is nothing white liberals fear more than a God fearing, educated, black man.  No my friends…there is no systemic racism in America…just Systemic “Marxist Elitism”…an EVIL that uses, abuses and discards anyone for POWER.”   Burgess Owens

Source:   What Is ‘Systemic Racism,’ Really? By Robert W. Merry, The American Conservative; The ‘Systemic Racism’ Myth by Steve Tobak;  There Is No Such Thing As “Systemic Racism” Against Blacks by  William Briggs; Systemic Racism and Other conspiracy Theories by John Zmirak, the Stream

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